Laser level 4 - Birmingham

by Nav
(Birmingham )

During my time in this course I found that , Talha my teacher was an amazing teacher. She taught me and the rest of my class well. She gave me a step to step guide and detailed demonstrations on the models. This we all found useful.

I would recommended this course to anyone interested in entering this industry and wanting to complete a level 4 Laser and IPL course.

My plans are to go on and open my own business, for which I would need to have my level 2 in beauty therapy. I have decided to carry that out here with Talha. I am half way through this course. So far it has been a great experience and I am doing well.

Mehvish Hussain

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Beaulaz Level 4 NVQ Laser hair removal students birmingham

by Nav
(birmingham )

Beaulaz Laser hair removal students birmingham

Beaulaz Laser hair removal students birmingham

It was a pleasure doing this course at the Beaulaz and Talha the tutor made it even more interesting and put even more live into the course. She made it so interesting, clear understanding and she gave ample time and opportunity to all students in the group efficiently.

The first day at our induction she explains everything about the whole journey of the course. The practical part the presentation and the workbook was taught so nicely and provided more than enough knowledge to understand in the class and at home.

The practical classes were so satisfying and comfortable, Talha explained and show from basic eg how to prepare trolleys, couch, client etc to finish off the treatment.

She made us practise and practice till we felt comfortable and satisfy and till she gets satisfied with us.

She taught us Yag and IPL for hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

She has given us homework or assignments on time and all the support we needed from here.g showing sample solved assignments. She has given the entire student equal and more time if anyone is struggling even skipping lunch breaks and after class through phone and emails.

On our practical, she made us comfortable and motivates and treated us fairly and given us fair feedback on the treatments we done on the clients.

Tutors like Talha can make students more motivated to do more courses with Beaulaz and make their life successful and positive. I am so glad that I did my course here at Beaulaz and met a tutor like Talha. I would like to wish Talha success and keep and going on and do the good job that she is doing.

Well Done!!! Talha . We are proud to be your students, Well done beaulaz, I am soon coming for level 3 . SEE You soon Talha .

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Certificate AT Beaulaz Level 4 laser & IPL Training Class

by Anika Hussain
(Birmingham )

This level 4 laser class has turned out to be helpful as well as entertaining. Support was provided by the teacher whenever it was required in different forms and ways. All resources provided were helpful and meaningful.

Theory was explained in detail and all questions were answered . Practical sessions were useful as well as the extra practice/mock day provided.

All students in the class were friendly and everyone acted professionally throughout the course.

The certificate came through fairly quickly, allowing me to go on and start my business without Amy delay.

I am currently taking part of the level 2 beauty therapy course, allowing me to expand on services required by customers. This will help boost my business.


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Level 4 certificate in laser and IPL QCF Birmingham

by Danniall Stacy H E
(Birmingham )

Birmngham Level 4 laser students at beaulaz

Birmngham Level 4 laser students at beaulaz

Over the moon

Talha is brilliant teacher who create comfortable environment in class increasing learning and understanding plus making it easy for us to gel with each other.

Good two way communication is been supplied to everyone .Her extensive knowledge and detailed professional answers has enriched our minds and soul .

Handouts to assessment and portfolios discussed thoroughly with ample practices opportunities. Her professionalism and experience reflected through course as she knows everything by heart even not needed book or handouts to look .

Not only she is best teacher but kind and patient human being.

From showing sample portfolio to assignments and assessment thoroughly support was provided in class and out from class through phone and email.

I believe now my knowledge is quite equal to a dermatologist level and ready to work independently in laser world with my new opened salon. she teaches with passion and love her job even stay behind for students and skips her lunch break sometimes.

She is asset to U College and she made sure all different capabilities students with different backgrounds are at same level. I will recommend beaulaz with honesty to every one as they have teachers like Talha .

kind regards ,
Danniall Stacy H E
Level 4 certificate in laser and IPL QCF Birmingham

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VTCT level 4 Laser IPL Birmingham with Talha

by Nishat Unis

I’m a young mother with a busy life style and a hectic work schedule running my own business. I wanted to expand on my knowledge and decided to go into the laser treatment route. After several days of researching I came across Beaulaz Birmingham. This was great, as it was in the heart of Birmingham City Centre and had ample parking ... Ideal!

I was met by Talha, the lecturer for the course; she was very friendly and had vast subject knowledge which was priceless. She was able to give us ‘real life’ experience by providing ample practical opportunities which were carried out in a professional manner.

Talha was very accommodating and I was able just get-on and complete the course. She is a very approachable person and very easy to learn from.

Thanking you Talha, for your support during this course, I look foward to booking in and doing further courses with yourselves.

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laser and intense pulse light training course

by Sally Hood
(west midlands )

morning every one ,

This course has been a really good opportunity to further my career to get into aesthetics in a short amount of time.

I would like to continue learning with Beaulaz in the future. The teaching style was opened, friendly and relaxed, but attentive. I felt that I could ask questions about the course that I didn't understand and they got answered to my degree that I could understand.

The assignments were flexible in the time wise, and I completed these within plenty of time. Even though I was late due to travelling I still managed, to keep up with the extra help in the evening kindly provided by talha ,After the class has finished.

I have enjoyed this laser and intense pulse light course, and at first I thought I would struggle, but with the right help and good teaching style I found it manageable and very knowledgeable.

The assessments were interesting and we got a lot of practice on each other to get up to the standard to feel confident to do the main assessment on clients. Overall the course has been fantastic,all because teachers like talha

I would recommend anyone to do course with beaulaz as they are best .


Sally Hood

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Fantastic Laser Course Level 4 VTCT

by Mumtaz

This course has provided me with knowledge and understanding laser. All questions were answered beautifully. My experience with laser was very easy and understanding dues to our teacher Talha who was very helpful throughout the course, even offering us to contact her after work hours, which was very helpful indeed. Talha made me feel relaxed and reassured about the work which was carried out making it a little easier for myself even though I have not had any experience in this field.

The teacher and the staff are very helpful towards the pupils giving them confidence in their work. I would like to thank everybody who was involved in the Beaulaz for making my time whilst there enjoyable and very productive. And I would like to say that Talha my teacher gave me reassurance and confidence to get through this course making it less stressful than anticipated.

Thank You Talha

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Beat Beauty Course. Beaulaz Birmingham West Midlands

by Tajinder Virk,

derby student beauty

derby student beauty

My name is Tajinder Virk, and I have just completed the level 4 in VTCT Laser and IPL course with Talha.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time during the course. It has been challenging at times, but Talha has answered all my concerns and helped me in many ways.

Talha has given me extra time after the course finished at 4pm and I have the opportunity to stay behind and get extra help. I would recommend Talha, as a tutor to all my friends and family. She is very inspirational and clearly loves teaching, especially because she gives so much help,

The quality of the teaching and the support has been amazing and I feel I have learnt so much. I will be coming back to do the level 3 course, and have already completed the level 2 course.

I would like to keep in touch with Talha, as she has really has supported us, and always given us the best advise. Talha has given me the advice on taking out a franchise opportunity, which is an option I am considering because I would like to open my own business.

I have travelled all the way from Derby, for all my courses, and I am now looking to move to Birmingham, so that I can be closer to Beaulaz and have the support from Talha. This is a big move for me; because I have children aged 11 and 7 who will also move to Birmingham with me.

This is how much I appreciate Talha, and so grateful that I have found Beaulaz. The content of the course is very knowledgeable, and I am equipped to work in the field of laser technology.

I would appreciate it very much if Talha could do more courses on the weekends because I it difficult to attend during the weekdays because of work. Thank you so much for everything I am so grateful.


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VTCT Level 4 in Laser and IPL Treatments in birmingham

by Musara Lowery
(west midlands )

student at beaulaz

student at beaulaz

VTCT Level 4 in Laser and IPL Treatments
I have been a student with Beaulaz studying for the course above.

I have really enjoyed my time with Beaulaz and have learnt a lot in a short amount of space and time. I received all my introduction pack which was given to us on the first day of the course. Our Tutor Talha was always supportive and allowed us have a two way communication and all our question and queries were answered very effectively.

The quality of the teaching was always delivered to a high standard. Talha has the unique ability to teach the high level subjects, while keeping the students engrossed and interested.

The support and help provided by our tutor Talha was always excellent, and she was always helpful, honest and open minded.
The teaching methods used were very informative Talha allowed us to practise a lot , allowed us to have group discussions that added to our learning.

Talha operated on a fair, equal non-discriminatory way, always ensuring health and safety is maintained. Talha provided excellent guidance and support at all times. The method of teaching and delivery was very informative and of a high standard.

The practical sessions were very well delivered and informative.

Overall I would like to say that I am fortunate to have attended this course with Beaulaz and with Talha as the Tutor. I would certainly recommend this course to friends, and hope to return to do other courses. I am hoping to keep in touch with Talha she has become a great colleague who is so helpful and nice.

This was my first experience in the beauty training industry, and it has been a very memorable time.

Talha always ensured that we was happy, understood everything, and she even stayed behind her classes until 6pm every Sunday on the days the course was on.

The course content was relevant and practical. I feel that I know what I set out to learn. Talha is the credit to your organisation, and she is very complimentary about Beaulaz and has given us a lot of advice.

Musara Lowery

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Fast Track Beauty Level 4 course

by Salome Dharamsti
(birmingham )

My experience in level 4 laser and IPL with Beualz has been amazing. It was the first short course I have ever done, and I wasn’t sure about the quality that a private college would provide, but today I can say that the Beaulaz training both practical and theoretical are at a very high standards

The tutor Talha is very lovely person and she knows the industry well. She helped us throughout the course, and made everything easier for us. The college has been very understanding and flexible about payments, and I felt that they concentrated more on teaching rather than payments. I am grateful of Talha and the college and I will be attending further courses.

What I loved about Beaulaz is that after the teaching time. I could stay longer and practise more. All the materials were provided and we didn’t have to buy extra books. We were surprised throughout, and I couldn’t believe that after only 8 weeks of training I am confident to do treatments on my own.

I know that in the future my relationship will continue with this college , and I will take further training with them I am very thankful to Talha and the college.

loved my course

Salome Dharamsti level 4

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