About the Beaulaz & London School of Excellence Partnership

Beaulaz is a professional and results-oriented Advanced Laser and Beauty Therapy College which support learners
keen to expand their skills in the profitable health and beauty sector.  Partnered with the London School of
Excellence, we are a CIBTAC, BABTAC, CPD and Qualifi approved college based in Birmingham and in West London  who offer students the opportunity to take
over 30 fully accredited qualifications in Beauty Therapy and Education. 

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Since the qualifi acquired London-based ITEC, which awards certificates in beauty, hairdressing,
complementary therapy, as well as sports and fitness, graduating students will receive certificates authenticated with a seal of
each logo. As well as Qualifi qualifications, we also provide accredited courses under the awarding bodies of Qualifi
(National Vocational Qualifications), NOS (National Occupational Standards), and QCF (Qualifications Credit-Frame Work). 

Our courses are designed to help you take your career—and/or salon—to the next profit level. By expanding your skillset with the
right combination of quality certifications, you demonstrate to both potential employees and clientele your mastery, dexterity,
and professionalism in an array of expert health and beauty competences. Once you have completed a course successfully with
us, you will receive a full certification and the chance to apply for a Qualifi qualified badge (dependent on the course), which are
proudly by many practising within the industry.

Beaulaz beauty training school
Beaulaz beauty training school

Accredited beauty therapy qualifications not only certify your aptitude and skill but allow you to secure the necessary insurance needed
to protect your business and future earnings capacity. Working without insurance puts both you and your clients at needless risk.
All the qualifications provided by us are also approved and supported by the Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority (HABIA).
HABIA is the UK government standard education setting body for all hair, beauty, nails and spa qualifications.   

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Our environment is optimised to help all our learners to engage 100% with both the practical and theory sides of all our qualifications. It is our aim to be a vital component in delivering the next generation of professionally trained specialists in laser technology, tattoo removal, beauty therapy, and many more courses.

We believe in delivering courses designed to teach cutting edge skills, encourage innovative creations, and to support each new learner enhance their talents by establishing an educational path unique to them. 

Above all else, we strive to deliver all our courses with the same passion, commitment, and technical excellence which we encourage in
our learners. Not only will you complete numerous hands-on technical beauty procedures, we also teach you how to provide quality treatment consultations and the type of salon environment to ensure they remain satisfied returning customers. 

We also have nine operational CoLaz Advanced Beauty Specialist salons which are showcase
our franchise opportunities available with the CoLaz Franchise.



As we understand and foster learners from all backgrounds, ages, and technical experience, we design and quote all our courses based around your individual experience. While some students may have no prior history in health and beauty and so require a higher level of guidance, we also cater to learners who are already well-established in the industry.

Which is why we don’t believe in charging a set course fee to everyone no matter their experience.  One price does not fit all.

Contact us today about the courses you’re interested in, and we’ll quote an educational package unique to you and tailored to suit your needs, We don’t believe in selling certificates; we want to inspire new talent and skills in our learners instead.

Please contact us here to get your unique quote or call us on the above telephone number. 

To ensure learners get the most from all our hands-on practical courses, spaces are limited for
each available qualification dates.
Book quickly with us to reserve your space on your chosen course today.

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