Earn Your Level 4 Chemical Skin Peel Certificate

Chemical Skin peels act as a strong exfoliant for the face, removing the upper layers of skin and dead cells to uncover a fresh, new complexion
underneath. A chemical skin peel is a therapy which uses a combination of different types of acids (at specific levels) to rejuvenate
your clients' skin through increased cell turnover. 

There are many varied skin peels available in the health and beauty industry today which all contain different combinations and quantities
of particular acids to enhance certain results—hence, why the treatment continues to be popular among women and a growing number of men. 


Skin peels tend to vary in severity (according to the acid combination and quantity) from superficial treatments—which work on the top layer
of the skin to give the skin a red-carpet glow—through to deep skin peels—which permeate down into the dermis and can cause
the uppermost skin cells to peel away. 

This training course delivers an extensive study of the underpinning knowledge which is crucial for best practice in chemical skin peeling.
In both your theory and practical learning, you will cover a wide variety of different peeling solutions, formulations, and procedures to ensure
you qualify as a well-informed, and therefore safe and effective, skin peeling therapist of all skin types. Take this advanced 
medical-standard beauty therapy qualification to expand your repertoire of treatment offerings.


We realize that all of our students come from different backgrounds and experience. This is why we tailor the course and cost of chemical peel training to suit your individual knowledge. Students must simply be 18 years of age and older to study and hold either a level 3 beauty therapy qualification or equivalent.

Contact us directly to discuss your previous experience. Gain this internationally recognised qualification in skin peeling to offer peels to your current patients, widen your knowledge of clinical dermatology, or to improve your employability.

On completion of this skin peel course, you also have the opportunity to attend our other advanced courses. With our skin rejuvenation courses, you can become a real skin expert.

As well as chemical skin peels, we offer the below courses and cover wider topics about skin health in general. Demonstrate to current and future employers and clients that you have the knowledge essential to career progression in aesthetics.

•  Skin peeling 
•  Radio frequency
•  Tattoo removal
•  Ultrasound

•  Skin blemish removal
•  Dermal filler training
•  Semi-permanent make-up
•  Laser hair removal



The accredited skin peel training course we teach will improve your knowledge of advanced skin structure and physiology including the whys and what-to-dos of these modalities. The course covers a comprehensive discussion on skin, skin health, and conditions including ageing, pigmentation, and acne before moving on to the different types of skin peels.

We follow the theory-based learning surrounding the principles and practices of skin peeling with serviceable hands-on experience. We believe practicing best practice techniques when performing skin peeling is very important.

You will not only learn the science behind chemical skin peeling but also how to translate this to a level that you can successfully communicate to your client. Which is why we limit the number of attendants on each course so that you get the attention and help you need to succeed in this course. This program is designed for the aesthetician that wishes to widen the menu of services offered to their clients. 

Learners Must Achieve All Mandatory Units Which Include: Guided Learning Hours:
Principles and practice of non-medical aesthetic therapies 14
Advanced consultation for non-medical aesthetic therapies 23
Advanced skin care for non-medical aesthetic therapies 34
Provide skin peeling treatments 52
Total Guided LearningTime: 123


During a treatment, you will thoroughly cleanse the client's skin and then apply the appropriate peel solution. Depending on the intensity of the peel treatment being carried out, depends on the duration the acid solution is left on the skin. The client may experience some warmth or tingling during this time—as you will learn on the course, this is entirely normal.

Once the time is up, you will apply a neutralising solution and remove the peel from the skin. It is important to follow up with appropriate aftercare for sun protection and advise your client on necessary follow ups to complete the treatment successfully.



Chemical skin peels are a profitable addition to any beauty clinic or salon as they address a number of skin conditions all at once such as pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, scarring, and acne.

As the popularity continues to grow for aesthetic therapies such as dermal fillers and skin needling, so has the uncompromising interest in skin rejuvenation treatments.

All advanced beauty therapy courses provided in the UK must also be accredited to ensure quality and integrity. Any certificate which does not have recognised accreditation may not provide students with the skills and best practice techniques to use that certificate to seek 

employment, set up a business or obtain the necessary public liability insurance to protect earnings. 

This Level 4 Skin Peeling Certificate is fully accredited by the governing body Qualifi (iTEC). The Level 4 Certificate informs both clients and 

potential employers of your advanced qualified status as a skin peeling specialist. This status enables you, as a graduate, to get the necessary insurance you need to protect your business and your clients. 


Course fees vary dependent on learner’s previous aesthetic experience in the health and beauty industry.
Please contact us here to get your unique quote or call us on the above telephone number. 

To ensure learners get the most from this practical course, spaces are limited for each available course date.
Book quickly to reserve your space today.

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