NVQ Level 2 beauty interesting course

by Rajdeep Sandhu
(Slough )

I think everything at Beaulaz is good. If I have had any problems to date with the beauty course, I feel that the tutors have tried to help me with these.

I was browsing on the internet and looking for a salon which provides waxing appointments. I then saw that Colaz had a sister company which provided an option for learning Beauty courses too.

I called Beaulaz. Halima the receptionist explained exactly what the course was about, she was really friendly and helpful. She informed me that I can pay for courses with an installment plan as well. This makes the course more affordable for me.

I learnt completely new things such as eyebrow tinting something I feel I can even go home and do for my sister in laws now.

Previously I was unaware that the kits come at an extra cost. So I am not so happy with this.

I would most definitely recommend this course to all my friends, I have already discussed this and they have asked me to act as their guinea pig.

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NVQ Level 2 - Fast course

by Misbah Awan

Everyone at Beaulaz makes you very comfortable. Me and one of my friends were interested in starting a beauty career, we were advised to get qualifications firstly.

At Langley college I was told that it would take 2 years to complete a course through a part time basis. At Beaulaz it is so convenient within 4 months I will have finished the course. Classes run just once a week, and on weekends which is much more easier for me.

Halima the receptionist is so nice, she offered me special offer prices. I have been told that my payments can be split into installments, this has really helped me. The environment is nice and the class atmosphere is friendly. And the college is very flexible.

The teaching methods are great, the tutors are friendly and supportive. The tutors are very helpful when I ask questions.

There are break times available. The class mates are really friendly and you get to meet people from all different cultures.

The tutors recommend the best scheme which suits your needs.

Overall it is really good I will definitely recommend this course to others. I really like Beaulaz.

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highly recommend NVQ Level 2 beauty at Beaulaz

by Julie
(West Kensington)

I have attended just 3 lessons of NVQ Level 2 beauty lessons so far. The tutor listens to all my concerns, she is really helpful. She first runs through theory and then demonstrations, then we practice on one another.

It is good if I have any questions, as she ensures that I am given answers.
I like to be in a small group as it is a much easier way to learn. The atmosphere at Beaulaz is really nice. Everyone is really friendly and we all hold the same goals.

Beaulaz offer payment plans, so I feel really supported. This makes it easier for me to pay me fees. It is convenient to travel to Slough from London. It is just a 20 minute train ride away.

The classrooms are clean and spacious. We have access to very professional equipment. The best thing for me is the fact that the course is a fast track. This course will be running for just 14 weeks.

The course works perfectly with my timetable as it is scheduled on Sundays. It gives me a chance to work Monday- Friday, rest on Saturday and attend Sunday classes.

I would definitely recommend this course to those who are looking for a career change, interested in learning more knowledge or hobbies.

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Beaulaz Level 2 NVQ Beauty Course

by RH

I have never worked within the beauty industry before. Since joining Beaulaz, I am feeling more comfortable in this career than I ever thought I would be. I thought this would be really difficult for me.

I have only recently joined onto the course, yet I have felt slightly rushed into the course. I felt that I may have found it easier if I had waited for a course at a later date because I was required to purchase more things such as, a kit and literature prior to the course.

However, I have found every other student is happy to share things with me and we are all supportive of one another. Even the tutors, Kay and Sarah really went out of their way to ensure I had access to all necessary resources.

The Staff are very helpful, I am still struggling to understand vocab and this is totally new me. It’s great that I find that any question I ask is not regarded as silly. Everyone is very approachable and friendly.

With the fees, they were split into installments in order to make it more affordable for me, so they find solutions for each and every one of my problems. Halima has gone out of her way to find solutions for me.

What I do find difficult is when I am looking for models as I am new to the area this makes it a struggle. Yet Beaulaz have once again given me a solution for this as they are going to call through their models log and find me candidates.

I am happy to be doing the Level 2 beauty course and I hope it remains as a friendly and professional environment. And I will most definitely continue on to study a Level 3 beauty here.

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NVQ Level 2 Beauty Therapy - Great Atmosphere

by Ujal Marway

My tutor Sarah is lovely. Sarah is very friendly, she is a good teacher, I like her teaching techniques she will come over and teach you a technique one on one, she then allows you to continue and practice on others. Sarah is very professional. I feel that I can comfortably engage in any conversation with Sarah about personal matters or about anything I may be struggling with.

I like the atmosphere here at
, I enjoyed the course, doing treatments was fun. I always look forward to my classes and look forward to learning new treatments.

I am so comfortable with the atmosphere, the timings are good 9.30 – 3.30. It is great to know that you are never going to be here all day. You are required to attend the class just once a week, which is convenient. Especially for those of us who are juggling a full time job alongside the course. And also there is always parking available outside.

I have learnt so many new things that I never knew about – I love learning how to do manicures. I feel the price for the course was reasonable, and I was happy with how the payment plan worked for me.

In the future I am looking to learn other levels so that I can ultimately open my own salon. I have already recommended Beaulaz and my course to many of my friends.

I will be recommending Beaulaz again in the future.

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NVQ Level 2 beauty Course in Slough

by Pushpareka Jayarajkumar

I am happy in this course, I find both Kay and Sarah to be really good tutors.

The staff recommends several kits for me to purchase and I find this to be an issue as I would have preferred for the tutor to provide these resources for us. New kits are required for each and every new class.

I had an issue when I went to purchase wax from a local shop, and I struggled to find the required product. Given several choices it was difficult. This meant that I had to make three trips to a shop just for the one kit.

As English is not my first language, I still feel that the tutor has supported me through this course. They are patient with me and will always address my concerns.

After having spoken to staff members such as the receptionist Halima, I found Beaulaz to be professional and I really found the class schedules to be convenient for me. As they are held on weekends. I therefore have recommended this course on to my friends who have now joined on with me.

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