Why Choose Beaulaz For Your Beauty Courses


Beaulaz offers fast track courses at affordable prices. 

All of our tutors provide students with full support and will ensure you have a complete portfolio at the end of the course.

Many centres will provide you with the teaching but fail to support you regarding completing your portfolio. For this reason, many students do not complete the course and end up with an in- house training certificate only. 

At Beaulaz we will ensure you pass with the right qualification that will be recognised worldwide. Our courses are both practical and advanced so you can graduate with both confidence and valuable experience.

External Visit – 100% Pass Rate

We recently received an external visit (EV) visit by the Qualifi, a government- approved awarding organisation offering National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs).  The visit went really well and the assessor was very impressed with all the students’ quality of work. The EV stated “All students have produced high quality work. Well done.”

So far all of our students have achieved a 100% pass rate and have completed their work with in the time frame.

External Visit on Beaulaz

The Importance of Choosing the Right Training Provider

Accredited courses and recognised qualifications are very different. An accredited course is not a recognised qualification, but will give you the necessary skills so you can gain insurance.  It is unlikely that you will be able to open your own salon or work in a salon with only an accredited course certificate.

Most salons also require a licence from the local authority proving you are qualified to offer beauty treatments. It is important to note that only a recognised qualification will satisfy the licensing criteria.

If your only goal is to offer free treatments to friends and family, then an accredited course will be sufficient. However, if your goal is to become a professional therapist, you will need a recognised qualification.

Beaulaz offers fully recognised qualifications in Qualifi Level 2/3/4 and advanced beauty treatments with a well- known awarding body in the beauty industry, the Qualifi. We also have approved centres all over the world.

Do not fall into the trap of many others who have paid similar course fees for an accredited course only to later discover that they need a recognised qualification.

Beaulaz course

How to Obtain Treatment Insurance

We advise all individuals to check with their insurance companies about obtaining insurance.

The majority of insurance companies require you to have a minimum Level 2 qualification and Level 3 Facial Electrics and Electrolysis unit prior to completing Level 4 in order to obtain insurance such as BABTAC.

However, certain companies such as Balens will insure individuals who have a minimum Level 2 qualification.

Insurance companies have informed me that all therapists wishing to carry out laser or IPL training must have the Level 4 qualification by 2016. This will be a mandatory requirement by 2016.

The reason for the change is that insurance companies are receiving a large number of claims from the public due to inexperienced therapists burning clients.

Always check with your insurance company about their specific requirements, as companies frequently update their policies.

If you have prior experience (are either working in a salon or have completed in- house courses ), then you can enroll in a special fast track course. You can complete this course with in 5 to -10 days.

Please book a consultation today to further discuss your options.

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