Take the VTCT Cosmetic Ultrasound Course to
Improve Your Therapy Repertoire

The past few years have seen significant development in the health and beauty arena of non-surgical skin treatments.
Especially in the advances made available for those who are searching for treatments to lift and tighten skin, without the need
to face invasive surgery. While some of these innovations have laid down bold claims in the past with regards to results, 

Ultrasound is an energy-based therapy that can be concentrated on particular areas of the face and body. The ultrasound waves
from the hand-held devices penetrate deep into the tissue at a cellular level to cause thermal coagulation. 

Ultrasound can be referred to by a number of names, including focused ultrasound (FUS),
intense focused ultrasound (IFUS), high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), and micro focused ultrasound (MFU). 

HIFU engages high-energy ultrasound and is typically used in medical applications such as ablating tumours but it can also be
used for facial rejuvenation. MFU engages lower energy waves to treat the superficial skin layers. HIFU tends to involve thermal
and cavitation (which destroys fat cells) to cause cell disturbance and death. In comparison, MFU uses heat to achieve similar
tissue effects. FUS is comparable to the ultrasound we know from medical imaging used to scan pregnant women, but it is
highly convergent and can be adjusted to form different frequencies of energy.

The initial effects of cosmetic ultrasound therapy can be seen within days of a client’s treatment, more sustained changes occur
within two to three months and many complexion improvements last up to one-year post-treatment. In some people, these
results can survive for more than a year.

This VTCT ultrasound course is one of a new range of Level 4 advanced aesthetic therapies developed by VTCT as a progression
route for Level 3 health and beauty practitioners who want to add specific treatment modalities to their repertoire.


This advanced therapy VTCT (ITEC) Level 4 Certificate in Ultrasound Therapies is aimed at Level 3 & 4 certified
health and beauty practitioners aged 18 and over, who want to add this aesthetic therapy to their skillset of
treatment offerings. Prospective students should already hold a level 3 beauty therapy qualification or
equivalent—if you’re unsure if your experience qualifies you for a place on the course.

The primary purpose of this qualification is to prepare learners for employment in the advanced aesthetic industry providing skin needling techniques. Additionally, learners may choose to further develop their knowledge and skills by completing supplementary specialist qualifications at level 4 in one or more of the following areas:

This course will also complement the following
supplementary specialist qualifications at Level 4:

  • Skin peeling 
  • Radio frequency
  • Tattoo removal
  • Skin microneedling
  • Skin blemish removal 
  • Semi-permanent make-up
  • Laser hair removal


Course participants are expected to produce a portfolio of evidence through a number of small assignments and case studies. Learners
are continually assessed throughout the course where they are provided with the opportunity to practice and hone skills on clients in
a realistic working environment. Practical assessments will be out in the salon by an external examiner.

Learners Must Achieve All Mandatory Units Which Include: Guided Learning Hours:
Principles and practice of non-medical aesthetic therapies 14
Advanced consultation for non-medical aesthetic therapies 23
Advanced skin care for non-medical aesthetic therapies 34
Provide cosmetic Ultrasound Treatments 52
Total Guided LearningTime: 123


On successful completion of the course, all qualified learners will receive a VTCT Level 4 certificate in Ultrasound treatments. The course will guide learners in developing the knowledge, understanding and skills to consult with and analyse clients whilst providing quality ultrasound therapies. Learners will also learn how to improve their communication and client skills.

In order to help to widen their experience in the principles and practices of Level 4 aesthetic therapies —all of which are held in high esteem by prospective employers and clients alike.


Course fees vary dependent on learner’s previous health and beauty background and practical experience with
aesthetic technologies such as radio frequency or laser machines. Please contact us here to get your unique
quote or call us on the above telephone number. 

To ensure learners get the most from this practical course, spaces are limited
for each available course date. Book quickly to reserve your space today.

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