Discover The Ancient Art Of Threading Epilation
And Provide Your Clients With An Exciting Alternative To Waxing

With NVQ Level 2, 3, and 4 courses provided by Beaulaz, you will be well on your way to offering a lucrative, in-demand services for clients all over London.

After your beauty therapy training, you will understand virtually everything to do with facial hair maintenance. And by specifically studying threading epilation, you will be armed with a new set of skills that give your clients more beauty treatment options, and that increase the value of your services in their eyes.

Threading is an excellent service to offer in your salon

Because it’s a more precise and less irritating alternative to waxing. Threading is an ancient Middle Eastern and Asian practice that is in high demand for its effectiveness and positive aesthetic benefits.

It’s less intrusive than traditional waxing, and some clients even find it to be therapeutic. The same certainly can’t be said for ripping off large amounts of hair!  

The ugly truth is that everyone has excess eyebrow hair and needs expert shaping. Not only that, some people even have embarrassing upper lip hair, “side burns,” and chin hair. Threading delicately solves these common problems, making it a popular treatment for a diverse range of clients. 

Threading epilation is an easy and accessible practice to learn

And yet it is also an art form. You have to be trained and perform hours of practice to effectively shape people’s eyebrows like the traditional artists do. The process involves twisting cotton fibers (long strings) and rolling them over a line of unwanted hair.

Like wax, the strings can remove more than one hair at a time with minimal pain. But unlike waxing, threading can’t seriously burn your patients, or pull everything out at one time, leaving you to say “oops.”

With a Level 2 or 3 certification from Beaulaz, you can learn threading and countless other beauty procedures that customers will clamor to pay you for. Our fast track beauty salon courses will make the training process easy, and you’ll add a great new skill to your portfolio.

Clients will seek you out because they are tired of the pain, irritation, and unpleasantness of waxing. Not many people currently offer threading epilation, and this is your golden opportunity to set yourself apart from your competitors, so we highly recommend you start your training as soon as possible.  

If you’re ready to learn the ancient Eastern art of threading epilation and offer popular and profitable services in your salon, simply fill out an online inquiry by clicking here. 

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