The Cost And How To Open A Laser Hair Removal Business

by Melissa
(Northern Ireland)

How much would it be to set up a laser hair business? I'm talking about the equipment, tools and products that i would need?

Reply Hi Melissa

This is Surinder, Manroop’s husband

Now that we have experience in opening up four successful laser hair removal branches of different sizes ranging from 350sqft in Paddington London (two treatment rooms) and our biggest branch Hounslow at 2,000sqft (five treatment rooms) the costs are very similar. The reason why is because the rent in London is higher than the rent in Hounslow so I pay more rent for a smaller property.

In Northern Ireland, I don’t really know the rental values so can’t comment on that.

To setting up a laser clinic it depends on whether you are going to be doing beauty treatments as well as laser hair removal?

And if so what sort of beauty treatments?

For example at our sister company CoLaz we do I-lipo treatments, laser hair removal, skin tag removal, hot stone massage, power plates and so on so the equipment needed is far greater than if you are only going to do laser hair removal in one treatment room.

You then have a whole raft of other costs to face. From

Salon software
Registering your clinic with the relevant regulatory bodies
Treatment insurance
Contents insurance (if you own your own building then building insurance)
Refit of the branch
Reception desks and reception future
Wax pots, trolleys, towels and so on

There is a lot more then the list above but your biggest cost will be the marketing of the business.

Do you have a website? If so, is it optimized for your treatments? If you don’t have a website how will you get leads to your business?

What laser machine will you choose from? There are hundreds of suppliers? Some lasers cost £65,000 whereas some really good ones are at £38,000. Of course you can go for cheap lasers/ipl at £5,000 but your clients won’t get the results.

So back to your question how much will it cost?

From my experience and what we have spent in our locations anywhere between £75,000 to £100,000

If you have around £40,000 to £50,000 cash you should be able to raise the other £50,000 via a bank loan as long as you do the business plan correctly.

Drop me an email if you need help in setting up a business. Email me by using this contact form and I will respond back privately.


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