Advance Your Career with a VTCT Level
5 Tattoo Removal Training Course

Laser tattoo removal is no less an art form than tattooing itself. Adding such a specialist skill to
your repertoire—or to your clinic—can be very profitable in the long run. Whilst tattoos are growing ever more popular,
so is the eagerness to say good bye to unwanted tattoos. 

3 out of 4 people who get a tattoo regret having it done. In fact, 1 in 4 people who make an impulsive decision
to get a tattoo, wish they had never had it done within a few days of the act. This market is continuing to
expand as laser tattoo removal treatment is becoming more accessible and providing better quality results. 

Beaulaz laser tattoo removal Course
Beaulaz laser tattoo removal Course


Whether you are at the start of your aesthetic laser and IPL career or you are an experienced laser technician
who is looking to expand your expertise, this course is an ideal next step to advance your skillset.
The Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal Training Course is open to eligible learners who hold a Level
4 Laser and IPL qualification. 

Potential learners from the health and
beauty industry could include:

  • Beauty therapists
  • Tattoo artists
  • IPL technicians
  • Laster practitioners
  • Semi-permanent makeup artists
  • Aestheticians
  • Beauticians
Beauty therapists

This course will also complement supplementary specialist qualifications at Level 5 in Advanced Blemish Removal.


As well as an external practical and theory examination, all learners must demonstrate a full understanding of technical and
clinical best practices for laser tattoo removal with evaluated assignments and clinical studies. 

This course will concentrate solely on laser tattoo removal. We begin by reviewing how the laser technology works and
give specialised advice on how to get the best tattoo removal results. 

The course is made up of a mix of Guided Learning hours which includes a combination of theory-based discussion and
treatment case studies, live demonstrations, and the opportunity to gain hands-on practical experience with the laser equipment.
The overall aim of this tattoo removal training is to improve your knowledge, technique, and treatment results.

Learners will also develop their knowledge and understanding of appropriate Health and Safety relating to Level 5 Aesthetic and Laser
Therapies as well as relevant Anatomy and Physiology. We will also cover appropriate communication and customer consultation skills.

customer consultation training
customer consultation


Tattoo Removal Course

All certificated qualifications provided in the UK must be accredited to ensure quality and integrity. Any qualification which does not have recognised accreditation may not provide attendees with the skill to use that certificate to seek employment, set up in business or obtain the necessary public liability insurance. 

This Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal Course is fully accredited by the governing body VTCT (iTEC). The Level 5 Certificate informs both clients and potential employers of your qualified status as a fully commercial laser tattoo removal practitioner. This status enables you, as a graduate, to get the necessary insurance you need to protect your business and your clients. 


Course fees vary dependent on learner’s previous cosmetic background and practical experience with laser technology.
Please contact us here to get your unique quote or call us on the above telephone number. 

To ensure learners get the most from this practical course, spaces are limited for
each available course date. Book quickly to reserve your space today.

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