Laser Tattoo Removal Training Course for Aestheticians, Beauty Therapists, and Health Care Professionals

Add laser tattoo removal to your list of services and take advantage of this expanding market. You’ll learn new techniques from one of the original researchers in Q-switched laser technology!

More people are asking for tattoo removal every day. Surveys in Britain have found that four of ten people with tattoos regret getting them. Of these, just under a quarter want them removed.

You can cash in on this market with training from our tutor, a pioneer in the removal of tattoos using the Q-Switched Laser. He’ll teach you the new R20 method for enhanced removal. Plus you’ll learn his new, breakthrough technique that reduces pain, swelling, and accelerates healing time.

The course covers theory, practical training, and all aspects of setting up a successful tattoo removal business.

Beaulaz laser tattoo removal Course
Beaulaz laser tattoo removal Course

What you will learn in our Laser Tattoo Removal Course

  • What is a tattoo?
  • Professional vs amateur tattoos – the physical differences
  • Q-switched lasers – Ruby, Nd:YAG and Alexandrite
  • The new R20 technique for enhanced removal
  • How this technique destroys tattoos
  • A new technique which reduces pain, swelling, epidermal damage and accelerates healing times
  • Problem colours – why green ink is difficult to remove
  • What not to treat!
  • Typical problems you may encounter
  • How to charge for your service
  • Laser safety
  • How to choose a good laser

Entry Requirements

  • Level 2 in Beauty Therapy
  • Level 3 which must include Facial and Body Electrics
  • Some insurance companies may also ask if you have a Level 4 Qualification in Laser and Intense Pulse Light (IPL).

On completion of the course, you will be issued an in-house Beaulaz certificate.

Course Highlights

Our tutor teaches students a revolutionary new technique for tattoo removal. It utilizes the application of a glass microscope slide on the treatment area. Pressure is applied to compress the skin to evacuate the blood from the capillary plexus. This greatly reduces pain and reduces punctate bleeding, swelling, and epidermal damage.

He also offers his students expert advice on which Q-switched lasers will help them grow their business and which ones to stay away from.

Please Note: To make sure each student gets the most from the course, space for each available date is limited.

Laser Tattoo Removal Course

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