Shaping Eyebrows Is an Art Form
BeauLaz Will Show You How To Become A Master Artist

Did you know that a person’s face shape should determine their eyebrow shape so that the brows accent the face? It’s true, and the reason is that understanding the subtle differences in one’s physical appearance helps you give them the most natural and attractive look possible.

To really excel in shaping eyebrows

You’ll have to understand that there are as many different eyebrow shapes as there are face shapes. Beaulaz training courses teach you how to wax, thread, or tweeze yours and your clients’ eyebrows into the perfect shape for their specific face type.

If you think all of this talk about face shape is nitpicky, consider that some of the most common types include: heart, square, round, oval, triangle, and diamond.

Obviously, a diamond looks nothing like a triangle, or a square. It sounds silly, but unless you understand how to recognize the face shape you’re treating, you won’t be giving your client the quality of service they deserve.

And while each person has bone structure most similar to one of the shapes listed above, facial features often accent the bone structure to make someone a combination of two shapes as well.

Eyebrow shapes are always unique

But some typical looks are: high arches, thick and straight, bold angles, classic, and modern. It’s a good idea to have your client bring in pictures of her favorite eyebrows, just like if it were a hair cut, to ensure they get the look they desire.

The Beaulaz course for shaping eyebrows will equip you to:

  • Determine face shape

  • Choose the best eyebrow shape

  • How to remove hairs with wax, thread, or tweezers to create that shape

  • How to measure a client’s facial features for best length and height of the eyebrow

Often the most complementary and natural shape of eyebrow depends on one’s nose and eye width and placement.

An easy tip for preliminary eyebrow measurement includes using an eyeliner pencil. Not the cosmetic contents, but the physical pencil itself! Line the pencil up with the outer left nostril and angle it towards the outer corner of the left eye.

Where the tip of the pencil points is where the eyebrow tail should reach, but it should not go any further. Similarly, if you line the pencil up with the same point on the nose and the inner corner of the same eye, you will see the place the inner side of the eyebrow should stop.

As you can see, the processes of shaping eyebrows, coloring them for the best match and definition, and identifying face shapes are all more complicated than they seem.

The good news is that completing a BeauLaz eyebrow shaping course can make you a master of this cosmetic art, and position you as an expert against your less-prepared competition. To get started, contact BeauLaz today for more information.  

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