Questions about the 3 day laser hair removal course

Good Morning

I am very interested in starting the 3 day laser course.
I just have a few questions.

Where is the course held and is a uniform required?
I have no beauty qualification. Would I be able to do this course and then jump on the NVQ 4 in laser? I am looking to change my career and head towards laser treatments.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Reply Hi,

Firstly, the course will be held either in our Hounslow location or our Slough location, it all depends on where the students are coming from, and we normally mutually agree what center where we would be running the course from as well.

Once you’ve done your level 3, if later on you wanted to do level 4, you can actually just join on and you may just need to miss the first 2 lessons, because the 3-day course is covered in the first 2 lessons of the NVQ level 4 qualifications.

Now, the only issue I have, you’ve written down no previous beauty qualification.

In order for you to change your career and get into doing laser hair removal, you do need a minimum level 2 qualification in order to obtain insurance.

And you also need to have a look at what your local council is looking for as well, so if your local council where you want to open your business is saying your minimum requirement is a level 3, then you will also need to do a NVQ level 3 qualifications.

So you just need to do your research and find out, but normally, the majority of local councils request you to have a minimum level 2 and a level 4 qualifications, or a level 2 and level 3 and a BMLA qualification, so it all varies on what the councils require.

But in regards to insurance, which is the most important bit, is that you obtain professional indemnity insurance, and that will prevent any claims coming towards you and paying out of your own pocket when you have insurance. But the minimum requirement, especially with Babtac insurance, is a level 2 qualification and a level 4 qualifications.

I know this sounds all confusing but the regulations keep changing with insurance companies and depending where you live each local council have their own criteria.


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