Opening Up Laser Hair Removal Business Abroad

by Shilan Aziz
(Edgware, London, UK)

I am interested in opening up a business to include laser hair removal abroad. I have just recently graduated with a degree in biomedical sciences, which course do you recommend I enroll on?


Shilan Aziz

Reply Hi Shilan

I understand you've recently done a degree in biomedical science and you would like to open your own laser hair removal clinic abroad.

My first advice would be, check what the requirements are abroad. You need to follow what their criteria is.

In this country, anyone that wants to do laser hair removal and carry out treatments, will need a level 2 in beauty, a level 3 in beauty, and by 2016 all therapists will need a level 4 in laser hair removal.

Currently you require level 2, level 3 and core of knowledge and manufacture training, but by 2016 you will need the full level 4 qualification.

And the only other people who can do laser hair removal are doctors and nurses. Biomedical science, in this country, you will not be able to do laser because you won't be able to obtain insurance on that.

Abroad you need to find out what the requirements are. Now, certain countries will not let anyone do laser hair removal other than doctors and nurses, so you just need to have a look at where you're moving to and what their criteria is.

If you do want to do laser hair removal, you're route would be doing the NVQ level 2 in beauty therapy and the NVQ level 3 in beauty therapy, which covers the electrical side, facials, electrical body treatments and electrolysis. And then do the level 4 qualification.

Biomedical science is very different from the career that you're looking to pursue. I understand you've covered biology, but this is more cosmetic treatment, and you need to understand all the structures of the bone, the face, the skin, the hair.

So it's quite a lot to know, and you need to be able to understand how to perform the treatments and the side effects and everything.

Again, if you're going abroad, please do check with the governing body out there and see what their requirements are.

All the best

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