NVQ Level 4 Part Time
Beauty & Laser Hair Removal Course


I am looking to do a part time nvq level 2 in beauty therapy and would like to eventually progress to the nvq level 4 in laser hair removal. But I am currently working full time and would need to to do so while I do these courses.

Also I have already enrolled in college to do a waxing course. Would I be able to enrol with you to do this?

Also where are the courses based? Do you have any courses available in Milton Keynes?


Reply Hi,

We currently offer an NVQ level 3 course which is running every Friday from 10am – 4pm.

The course runs for a 17 week period. It is an intense course so you would be expected to also complete a number of assignments at home.

At the moment the criteria you need to complete a Level 4 NVQ is changing; you will require a facials unit, electrical facials and possibly electrolysis too. Once we have further information about this change, we will update it on our website.

I understand that you are doing a waxing course, is this a VTCT certificated course or is this an in house course?

We have a number of short courses that we offer here.

You are more than welcome to have a consultation with one of our course tutors, who will be able to talk through the courses we provide and allow you to gain an insight of which course route would be beneficial in line with your future career prospects.

Most employers will look to see that you have completed a Level 2 NVQ, Level 3 NVQ and a Level 4 NVQ. If you are intending to become a self-employed beautician, running your own business, then you can just complete some of our short units.

If you want to learn laser hair removal then you do need to complete a facials, electrical facials and electrolysis unit. And then you can move on to getting a Level 4 qualification. With this you will get insured.

Do also check with the Local authorities in Milton Keynes to see what there criteria is for you to do laser.

If you would like to book in for a consultation, then call us on 01753 524 125. At the moment we do not have any centres near Milton Keynes, so hopefully we will see you soon.


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