NVQ Level 2 Beauty Therapy VTCT Qualification Training

by priya

Hi i would like to enquire that i have about 4 years of hair and beauty experience in UK, but i don't have valid certificate in beauty. Can i directly do level 3 in beauty if u access me for level 2 and how long will it take n how much will i have to pay ..thx

Reply Hi Priya

If you've got no prior experience you do need to do a level 2 first, especially if you're doing all the waxing treatments, so you do need to have a level 2 qualification and then you can progress on to level 3. You can do those courses together, so you can actually do level 2 and the level 3 together so you can finish off a lot quicker, but do bear in mind it will be a lot of work as well.

The level 2 course is normally sixteen weeks. That's route one, and that is for sixteen weeks, one day a week, and the level 3 course is from twenty to twenty-two weeks, one day a week, and again the course dates you'll find on the calender on our website.

Now the prices.

We do offer a route two option for both level two and level three, so the route two option would be twice a week, so two days a week for level two, and two days a week for level three. We recommend that beauty course to anyone who wants to gain a bit more practical experience and who hasn't had any previous experience in beauty, but as you've mentioned you've got four years experience in beauty. Obviously we'll need to find out what type of experience you've got, so you can actually fast-track it. The majority of the students do go for route one because they like to fast-track it.

In the route one option where you're coming in one day a week you have to do the majority of theory at home, the assignments at home and the classes are more or less arranged for practical, and we will cover a bit of theory on there, but mainly it's just to make sure that you get the practical experience and you know how to do the treatments correctly.

So it's very intense and it's a very fast-track course. In total if you do both of them together you're looking at twenty weeks, and then you have to have assessments as well so you will get assessed on waxing for example, in the level two unit, so you have to bring your own models in where we would assess you on paying clients to make sure that you are carrying out the treatments. Once this observation units, and once you've passed that, then you move on to the next unit.

There will be an exam at the end as well. Again, the tutor will help you to ensure that you're ready for the exam and make sure you've studied the correct material.

Prices: The level two course is £1,200 Plus VAT, and the level three is £1,500 plus VAT, that's route one, but the prices can also be found on our website, or you can give reception a call who will give you the prices. Sometimes we'll have promotions running so you may be able to get it slightly less than the original price.

The route two options are a bit more expensive because you'll be coming in twice a week, so with the level three you're paying £1,800 plus VAT, and then with the route two for the level three you'll be paying £1,500 plus VAT.

Once you complete the course you'll get a professional VTCT-recognised qualification across the world. It's an NVQ qualification and you'll be able to go out and you'll be more employable by employers and you'll be able to work in other countries as well because it's a recognized qualification.

What we do recommend is you come in for a consultation with the course tutor who will be able to look at your experience and if you've got any previous certificates or anything. You can bring those along to the consultation and we'll see what would be suitable for you. We do look into account that you could be working; could have families. We'll see what option would be suitable for you.

We do have longer routes where if you want to spend a whole year completing it we can arrange that as well, that's not a problem. So we do try to tailor-make the courses for the student as well.

With the course fees we have installment plans so you can split the payment into installments. We do need 25% deposit to reserve your space, and thereafter you can pay in installments.
I hope this helps


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