Micro Needling and Chemical Peel Training

These are two skills that will specialise you in facial treatments. After completing the micro-needling and chemical peel course, you will be qualified to provide your clients two top end facial skin treatments that provide fast and satisfying results. Clients will see a difference after just one session. And they’ll also appreciate the fact that only half the return visits are required than for a full facial.

Beaulaz Micro Needling & Chemical Peel Training
Chemical Peel Training

Beaulaz is one of the most premier institutes for microneedling training in UK. Once you gain the skills necessary to apply chemical peel and micro-needling procedures, you can start charging prices averaging from £100 – £400 for just one session. And micro-needling is one of the most cutting-edge skin rejuvenation treatments on the market today, leaving your clients’ skin with that WOW! factor.

What is Micro Needling?

Also called skin-needling or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), it is a procedure for facial rejuvenation that uses a micro-needling device to create controlled skin injury. This in turn allows easy penetration of products and encourages production of new collagen and elastic by generating new skin cells that repair themselves resulting in smoother, thicker and youthful skin.

After gaining this qualification, you will not only meet your insurance requirements, you will be able to offer this minimally invasive procedure to your clients as an advanced treatment.

How It Benefits Your Clients
• Anti-aging formula
• Reduces wrinkles
• Reduces acne scarring 
• Produces skin elasticity
• Produces collagen in the skin
• Reduces stretch marks

You Will Learn
• History on micro needling
• Theory on micro needling 
• Health and safety
• Theory on products/serum to enhance skin
• Topical anesthetic 
• Demonstration and practical session

chemical peel courses
chemical peel courses

What is a Chemical Peel?

This unique treatment removes dead and dull skin with the application of a chemical solution, revealing skin underneath that feels smoother, youthful, and renewed. With our chemical peel courses, you will learn to work with superficial peels as well as medium peels.

You can help your clients avoid injections and face-lifts by offering this refreshing alternative after you have gained your chemical peel training at our training centre.

How It Benefits Your Clients
• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
• Reduces acne
• Lightens pigmentation and age spots
• Repairs sun damage
• Exfoliates dry and dead skin

You Will Learn
• Theory on skin
• Theory on chemical peels – AHA-BHA
• Demonstration and practical session
• Use of advanced products

Entry Requirement
NVQ Level 3 in Beauty is required in order to qualify for the
Micro-Needling and Chemical Peel training.

Please note: A uniform and kit is required for the course. This is compulsory.

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