Why Taking A Makeup Artist Course
Will Jump start Your Career

Enrolling in a makeup artist course provided by Beaulaz is the first step to being able to add an enjoyable and profitable skill to your portfolio.

Becoming a makeup artist is a great way to increase earnings for yourself or at a salon. Makeup artists are in high demand, but the market is competitive. This means you need all the experience, knowledge, and practice you can get!

What does a makeup artist do?

A makeup artist is someone who uses cosmetics and tools to apply face or body makeup designs on clients of all kinds, for all purposes. Makeup artists are good at visuals, but also at communication. They work closely with clients who might be models, actors, musicians, or dancers, so they must also be able to understand direction from photographers and camera crews. 

The skills you’ll learn through a makeup artist course.

A makeup artist course taken in the NVQ qualification series at Beaulaz will help you learn the skills you need to be able to offer dozens of new services on your own or at your salon. Millions of people need the expertise of a makeup artist—and for more than just weddings and parties.

As a makeup artist with a certification by Beaulaz, you can help clients who are looking for:

  • Tattoo disguise
  • Airbrush makeup
  • Trauma and ailment covering
  • Theatrical characters
  • Semi-permanent eyebrows
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Makeup as a prosthetic
  • Bridal, formal, and portrait styling

In an NVQ Level makeup artist course, you can expect to learn lots of new ways to use different tools and techniques. You will become an expert at determining the best ways to bring out facial features and complement skin tones with color wheel science.

You will also enjoy future profits by learning simple things like basic aesthetics and skin care, and how to best do makeup for each face shape.

Establish yourself as an expert while making clients beautiful.

Too many people think all they need for a perfect complexion is a trip to the local drugstore. But once you’ve completed a Beaulaz certification, your portfolio will show the difference between experimenting and expertise.

Help your clients realise their full potential by using tricks and tips you learned in your makeup artist course. You will be able to effectively minimise flaws, easily bring out natural beauty, or go completely theatrical and fun on anyone’s makeup.

The skills you learn can help you:

  • Earn thousands of dollars as an independent artist
  • Stand out in a pile of resumes for a job at a high-end salon
  • Manage a makeup counter for a specific brand in a department store
  • Start your way to becoming a movie or TV makeup artist
  • Open your own business offering makeup artistry and more

Any number of possibilities and opportunities can come from your decision to become a qualified makeup artist with the makeup artist course at Beaulaz. Click here to get started with your new career and contact Beaulaz today.

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