Level 4 Laser Hair Removal Course No Beauty Qualifications

by anne
(west drayton)

I would like to do do a course in laser hair removal and work for myself.

Could you please let me know,how to go about it?

I do not have any any qualifications in beauty therapy.
Thank you

Reply Hi, Anne

In order to carry out laser hair removal treatments you must have a Level 2 qualification with electrical facials and electrolysis or NVQ level 3 with Electrolysis.

Also by 2016 you would also need to obtain a Level 4 qualification too.

I can understand that you may already be doing laser hair removal and you may already be working for yourself? But if this is without any beauty qualifications then you need to contact insurance companies, to see what the minimum requirement is to obtain insurance.

If you have no experience in beauty then it is very difficult to obtain insurance. You can carry on doing laser hair removal treatments but you will not be insured and therefore will be unable to get registered with your local council. Your council can come down and do surprise inspections of your business at any time, which could get you in serious trouble if you do not have the necessary insurance.

As far as I know, with the insurance company BABTAC you would need a full Level 2 qualification and a level 3 in facial electrics or electrolysis.

Do go onto their website in order to contact them and see if this information is still correct.

There are other insurance companies such as Balens, who currently have a minimum requirement of just a level 2 qualification. However this will be changing soon, meaning that you will require a full level 3 NVQ qualification or a Level 3 in the Electrolysis or electrics units.

If you have a background in Nursing, doctors or dental nursing then you can do laser hair removal, but if you have no other medical background then you do need to carry out a beauty qualification.

Currently (2013)you would be able to start a Level 4 qualification in Beauty therapy with us right away as there are no pre- requests for the course.

However this is due to change within the next year and you will need to complete a Level 3 qualification before being able to progress onto a Level 4 qualification in Laser and IPL.

If you already have a lot of practical experience carrying out level 2 and level 3 treatments, then you can qualify for a fast track route. Many of our students will do a level 2 combined with a Level 4 qualification.

This can be done at the moment due to the fact that there are no pre- requests but do bear in mind this will be changing.

Go on to the Beaulaz website in order to see our factsheets on Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and Laser hair removal and IPL qualifications.

This will allow you to see in detail what is being covered.

My personal recommendation is that you should do a level 2 and a Level 3 qualification which covers at minimum units in electrics or electrical facials. And then move on to a Level 4 qualification as this will be a requirement by a majority of insurance companies by 2016.

Therefore all therapists carrying out Laser hair removal will eventually need a level 4 qualification.

If this all sounds confusing its best if you book a consultation with a tutor as face to face is a lot easier then emailing.

I hope this helps


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Aug 04, 2020
by: Deena


I would like to become a laser technician - i recently completed beauty therapy level 2 & laser hair removal level 4 course. Is this good enough to get insured to start up my own business?


Sep 12, 2019
Laser technician
by: Tintu

I am a laser hair removal technician working in uae.i would like to migrate to ireland.if i have ielts hw can i get licensed in ireland.i have a background in nursing as well

Jan 12, 2019
by: Anonymous

I did hairdressing city and guilds which included manicuring and also anatomy and theory. for 2yrs in the 80s and continue doin hairdressing and in the 90s I did ITEC fashion theatre media an worked as a makeup artist.

Pleas3 could.yiu guide me which level I could do. Would I need to do.level 2 and 3. I still have my certificates with me.

Dec 06, 2017
Laser course
by: Naomi

Hi i am a dental nurse with six years experience and would love to do laser treatment myself. I have no qualifications in beauty how and what course would be best to do to be able to start doing laser treatment?

Dec 01, 2015
Level 4 in IPL/Laser
by: Camellia

Hi Manroop,

I have done HND Level 5 in Beauty Therapies and a Degree in International Spa Management. For next year I have a proyect of buying a laser diodo for my beauty salon. Will I then need a diploma at Level 4 in IPL/Laser for being fully insured?

Thanks in advance



Hi Camellia

I think your HND and Degree will prove beneficial running your own business but to operate a Laser I don't believe the qualifications you hold would satisfy the requirements of the insurance companies and the local council.

To be sure I would advise you to ring the local council, licencing department, as you will need to apply for a special treatments licence for the area in which you will be operating, they will be able to confirm whether the qualifications you hold are satisfactory or not, and what they need if they are not.

I think they will require the NVQ LEVEL 4 Certificate in laser hair removal and IPL treatments. Depending on what the council says, you can then call insurance companies and see if they are happy to accept the qualification you have or if they require the level 4.

I hope this helps, once you have done your research please do let us know the outcome and whatever they require we can offer at Beaulaz.

Kind Regarsd
Beaulaz Admin Team

Beaulaz Admin Team
Regus Office
2nd Floor
46/50 Station Road
Tel 020 8561 5044

May 27, 2014
no qualifications
by: fozia

Hi Manroop,

Apologies, this may seem very repetitive for yourself. But I one question for you.

As you previously mentioned, you need qualification (NVQ 2) in electric units etc. Does it have to be an NVQ electrolysis or electric facials or can it be an NVQ in beauty?


Reply Hi Fozia

I need to know what you're asking it in relation to.

If it's for level 4 course (waxing and face and body electrics was a requirement) esp for insurance companies but currently it is not a requirement.

Need more info to answer this.


Kam Admin Team

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