Level 4 Fast Track Laser and IPL From Ireland

by hoz

hello i did level 3 beauty therapy and now i would like to do level 4 laser and ipl i was wondering well the qualification be uses everywhere and how long will the course be is there a fast track and is it available in london

ReplyHello Hoz

Thanks for your email.

VTCT is fully regulated and accredited qualification and it is NOS(National occupational standard NVQ (National vocation qualification),VRQ (vocationally related qualification and QCF(qualification credit frame work ).

It will be accepted in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and united kingdom.

We will be pleased to offer you a place at our fast track course for VTCT Level 4 which is 4 days/weeks course. Unfortunately the only active beauty college at the minute is in Birmingham

Do not hesitate to call us in case of any questions.

kind regards,
Talha Fiaz

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