Laser hair removal salon - what class of property?

Hi, I am attending your 2 day fast track course soon. We are looking for premises for our new venture, and are unsure which classification such a salon/clinic would fall under. Would you be able to tell me if it would be "sui generis" or "D1", or something else?

Many thanks for your help, and I am looking forward to the course and meeting you soon.

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Depending on what treatments you will be doing at the premises it would usually fall under Sui generis.

If you are performing dentistry, doctor lead treatments or plastic surgery then it would fall under D1.

I doubt you will find many retails under sui generis or D1. Look for premises that have A1/A2 or anything above and then when you are trading apply for change of use or just wait until the council notices the change. To be honest if you call your local council they themselves won’t know what use it would be so your best bet is just trade under A1 use otherwise you'll be waiting for planning and the landlord will not wait for you to change the use when he may have someone else who is willing to rent his property as A1.

I hope that helps

Owner of Beaulaz & CoLaz

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