Beauty Salon and Laser Hair Removal Safety Training
For Your Peace of Mind 

With any beauty procedure, safety is the most important component of a job well done. Laser hair removal safety is perhaps one of the most critical aspects to learn because of all the powerful equipment you’ll be using.

As an esthetician or beauty therapist, you have to be fully trained to expert levels on the workings of all the treatments you wish to perform.

This ensures your client’s happiness, wellbeing, health, safety, and satisfaction. Beaulaz comprehensively trains beauty school students in the processes of numerous different salon treatments, as well as in preventative, reparative, and operational safety courses. 

Why Operating Instructions Aren’t Enough

Safety courses, like the beauty salon and laser hair removal safety training course that Beaulaz offers, are just as important to your success as an instructional course.

Taking a how-to class without understanding the risks and complications you can encounter as an esthetician would be like learning to fly a plane without learning how to land! Invariably, things can go differently than we planned at the least opportune time.

This is why Beaulaz includes vital safety training in our extensive list of NVQ Levels 2-4 qualification courses.

Once you’ve been instructed on how laser hair removal works, who it can successfully treat, and how to use laser hair removal machines, you’ll need to learn laser hair removal safety procedures.

Laser hair removal machines are very powerful—if operated without care, they can leave clients burned, blistered, or ineffectively treated... and leave you without a job.

Laser Hair Removal Quality Control Benefits You

The BBC has recently reported that the majority of laser hair removal salons and clinics prefer the current standard of self-regulation. However, there is a movement to create a quality assurance symbol that would be displayed when salons are fully certified.

This is a great solution, because it means that the more you learn now, the better your business will look to potential clients. Make sure you aren't left without a steady stream of customers: become expertly knowledgeable in the laser hair removal field.  

Your business will retain a healthy and positive reputation when you are qualified with Beaulaz.

Laser hair removal is extremely safe and effective when administered correctly. An intense beam or pulse of light is absorbed by a hair follicle to prevent its regrowth—no painful waxes or chemicals involved.

However, like any beauty procedure, without complete knowledge, you can hurt your clients and your practice. Beaulaz can ensure your success with our laser hair removal safety courses.

When you are trained correctly and can show off your official licensing and qualifications, clients know that they can trust you to provide effective hair removal.

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