Laser Hair Removal Certification Courses
Open A New World Of Opportunity

Like estheticians, cosmetologists, and even plastic surgeons, laser hair removal technicians take great pride in and genuinely enjoy helping clients look and feel their very best.

So many people are embarrassed or annoyed by unwanted body hair. Thousands of men and women have already made the decision to stop wasting time and money on expensive home waxes and shaving equipment.  

But it’s up to you to provide the alternative option to them. Laser hair removal gives people the freedom to wear and do what they want.

With laser hair removal certification from Beaulaz, you can use this opportunity to expand the scope of your career.

What Laser Hair Removal Certification Covers and Allows

Laser hair removal certification courses at Beaulaz will comprehensively cover all of the essential book and lecture learning required to take qualification exams, but also provide vital hands-on practice and training.

Our sister company CoLaz is an affordable laser hair removal clinic flourishing with four locations in the London area. Beaulaz only teaches and employs the best, safest, and most up-to-date hair removal methods, because that’s all we use in our salons for our own clients.

There are different types of laser hair removal certification since there are different types of lasers. IPL (intense pulsed light) and electrolysis are alternative methods used for photo-rejuvenation or hair removal on lighter and softer hair, which may not be affected by traditional lasers.

The difference is small but important, and Beaulaz will teach you everything you need to know about all the treatments you can offer your clients.

Technological advancements over the past decade have contributed to making laser hair removal one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the UK.

Since the process only beams highly concentrated light into hair follicles, and doesn’t use chemicals, this means you can offer laser hair removal for just about any type of client.

Your Can Repair Self-Esteem

Laser hair removal is often the best cure for those suffering from overgrown, recurring face and body hair. Shaving is so repetitive and can get expensive since all the supplies are disposable; waxing, though effective, is only temporary and should not be done at home. Your laser  certification means that you can solve problems for people at their wit’s end, like those sick of:

  • Ingrown hairs
  • Razor burn
  • Crippling shyness from hair that won’t stop coming back
  • Rash or allergic reaction from wax on delicate skin (like face and private areas)

All it takes to become a successful laser hair technician are National Vocational Qualifications at Beaulaz.

When you enroll with us, you become an expert in:

  • Core laser knowledge
  • The differences between laser/IPL/electrolysis
  • Anatomy and physiology of the skin
  • Client consultation
  • Laser purchasing points
  • After care and other basic facts for clients to understand

Use your laser hair removal certification from Beaulaz to make people everywhere feel better about themselves.

Build up a client base of loyal customers who only trust you with their hair removal needs while making a higher salary for yourself.

Take the first step towards a more fulfilling and exciting career today. Contact Beaulaz with questions or to find out more about course details or scheduling.

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