Intimate Waxing is a Popular Way to
Expand Your Salon’s Reach

You already understand the great benefits to waxing for quick and long-lasting hair removal. The lack of razor burn, freedom from daily maintenance, and continued smoothness for up to 8 weeks convinces lots of men and women that waxing is the way to go.  

Well, the same perks are true of intimate waxing

But even if you've already learned basic arm, leg, or eyebrow waxing and provide these services in your salon, you can’t just apply the same techniques and offer intimate waxes.

The process is delicate to do correctly, but extremely lucrative once you’re an expert. Learn delicate art of waxing with a course from Beaulaz and achieve even more financial success.  

The Hair-Free Look Is In—All Over


Many people feel like they’re not as attractive in their private areas as they could be. This can make intimacy embarrassing or even wearing bathing suits and undergarments awkward. Intimate waxing can solve this problem, and you can help your clients be happier with themselves, the way that they look, and their social lives.

The Brazilian wax is the most popular intimate waxing technique. Full Brazilian waxing is different from just maintaining an overgrown bikini line—all the hair from the front, back, and in-between is removed except for (most typically) a tiny strip in front.

Thousands of women prefer this look because it can eliminate irritation from constant shaving. Of course, by taking an waxing course from Beaulaz, you will also be able to attract more male customers to your salon.

Men’s intimate waxing is a growing business as well

More and more men desire the same hairless looks as their partners. Men and women can even benefit from intimate waxing services when their jobs will be made easier because of it: thousands of swimsuit and lingerie models as well as adult entertainers are frequent clients at hair removal salons.

Learn The Whole World Of Waxing

With courses at Beaulaz beauty training school, you’ll learn the entire waxing technique and process. You’ll be taught things like how to prepare the skin and to how to most quickly and efficiently perform the service so that your client is uncomfortable for the least amount of time possible.

Proper aftercare is also extremely important for private areas, as the skin is more sensitive.

By learning how to perform this popular service with an intimate waxing course from Beaulaz, you can collect new waxing clients who are currently forced to go to places that don’t offer your expertise.

Add this skill to your resume and salon offerings now! Click here to contact Beaulaz for course information and scheduling.

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