I am a Doctor- What are the requirments to perform laser hair removal


As a fully qualified doctor what are the requirements needed for me to perform laser hair removal?

Kind regards

Reply Hi Dr Milad, because you're a fully qualified doctor, to be honest, you don't need to do any additional courses.

You can actually start performing laser hair removal as insurance companies will insure you. But we do recommend that you come on to either a 3-day BMLA course, or do the level 4 laser and skin rejuvenation as it will give you the knowledge that you will require to carry out laser hair removal.

Most of the doctors do go for the 3-day BMLA because they will require core of knowledge and a laser training certificate in order to carry out laser hair removal.

So I do recommend the 3-day course, or the fast-track level 4 course may be more suitable for you.

Currently the 3-day BMLA class, we have a class starting in August and then we've got the 5-day fast-track level 4 starting in September.

We also have the 12-week course, which is starting on the 6th of July, and that's a level 4 qualification, and that's attending 1 day a week and you'll be doing all your assignments and your practical assessments during the 12-week course.

I hope that helps

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