Learn How To Do A Pedicure And
Capture New Clients

Pedicures, like manicures, are one of the most popular and important beauty services ever. If you want to work at or open one of the best salons in your area, it’s necessary to know how to do a pedicure.

Qualifi courses at Beaulaz can help you get the qualifications you need in order to offer lucrative nail care services. After you get your course completion certificate, you can join the elite group of nail technicians earning top dollar for knowing how to do a pedicure or manicure.

The market for manicures and pedicures is growing fast…

According to an academic research site, nail services like manicures and pedicures are up 23% since 2007, and salons that offer these services compete in a 6 million pound industry.

Not only that, but beauticians who know how to do a pedicure are enjoying ever-increasing profits from a newly growing market: women over 65.

Pedicures are arguably even more important in the world of nail care than manicures due to the immense amount of pressure our feet are under. Because of this, the client base for people who need pedicures is practically inexhaustible.

People with stressful jobs, those who work on their feet, and those who simply can’t manage their own foot care (like the elderly) are among your top customers. These types of clients will always look to an experienced technician for their pedicure services, and you can be the one they come to.

Comprehensive training on how to do a pedicure…

Beaulaz Qualifi courses on pedicure will cover everything you need to know, including:

  • How to shape nails based on the existing cuticle shape
  • Tips for best care (like: file instead of cut to prevent ingrown nails)
  • Effectively polish without mistakes or waste
  • Create fun nail designs
  • Treat and maintain healthy cuticles
  • Prevent nail fungus and disease with proper sanitation and care habits
  • Relaxing spa massages
  • Exfoliation basics for rough feet

Pedicure procedures are simple enough to learn, but require complete training to perform them properly. Completing nail care courses at Beaulaz will enable you to cash in on the growing UK market for nail services at popular salons. You can also use your qualifications as the first step in opening your own beauty salon business.

So many opportunities for a more fulfilling career start with your decision to learn how to do a pedicure with courses at Beaulaz. Click here to get started with this valuable new skill and contact Beaulaz today.

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