Learn How To Do A Manicure
The Right Way With BeauLaz

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With your Qualifi training and qualifications completed at Beaulaz, you can take an exciting new direction with your career. Knowing how to do a manicure is a simple way to guarantee lots of extra income for yourself or at your salon.

Manicures are such a popular beauty service. As a beautician who knows how to do a manicure, you can be sure that the salon you represent is one of the best and most comprehensive that a client can visit.

After the completion of your certification from Beaulaz, you’ll know each and every step, benefit, and trick to doing a great manicure that keeps your clients coming back.

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Why poorly kept nails are making your clients look older…

If you’ve ever seen someone with torn up, unkempt, chipped, or dry nails and cuticles, you understand why manicures are so important.

Too many people don’t realise that un-cared for hands, nails, and cuticles can make their hands look older, resulting in an overall aged appearance that other people will notice.

The Qualifi courses at Beaulaz will detail the best ways for learning how to do a manicure, as well as complete information about dozens of other skills. As with any beauty routine, there is a right way and wrong way to go about it.

Our technicians only teach the most trusted and proven ways to perform a manicure.

Course instruction will cover techniques and information on:

  • How to shape nails based on the existing cuticle shape
  • Effectively polish without mistakes or waste
  • Create fun nail designs
  • Treat and maintain healthy cuticles
  • Prevent nail fungus and disease with proper sanitation and care habits
  • Relaxing spa massages
  • Wax dips and exfoliation basics

Become an expert in how to do a manicure and start furthering your career today.

learning manicure

The instructions for how to perform manicures are simple but very important to learn correctly. Beaulaz can help you become an expert at this valuable skill so that you can start earning more money as soon as possible.

Well-manicured hands are a necessity for hundreds of thousands of executives, models, actors, spokespeople, and others always in the public eye.

These people are way too busy and inexperienced to do it themselves, so they will always go to a top salon. You can begin helping these customers and earning the income you deserve with courses on how to do a manicure from Beaulaz.

So many opportunities for a more fulfilling career start with your decision to learn how to do a manicure with courses at Beaulaz. Click here to get started with this valuable new skill and contact Beaulaz today.

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