How to Become a Platform Artist

So there are so many different opportunities that open up with that one Beauty qualification. Think you’re a cut above the rest and have a special gift? Or maybe you just want to travel around, go abroad and meet new people.

Well it’s not impossible. The best thing about a career in Beauty is that it allows you to connect work and passion together. If you are confident and enjoy helping others this could be the right career step for you.

Become a Platform Artist

What is a platform artist?

A platform artist is a fulfilling beauty career. You can either be a beautician who performs demonstrations in front of large audiences or on Television programmes such as ITVs’ This morning.

Or it is someone who sells a specific product or trade. Once again they are required to show how the product works and they also need to be able to explain its benefits. Some people work for a magazine column – allowing people to idolise over their beauty knowledge. Others may be working for a series such as Channel 4’s Nip and tuck – and performing cosmetic procedures. Others may be at the forefront during all the Beauty tradeshows.

Follow these tips:

  1. Choose your topic: 

Waxing, hair-dressing, Nail art, Laser hair removal, Chemical peels?

Learn the trade you want to work in, gain the required qualifications. You have to be able to perform it well and know the ins and outs of your chosen career.

Going to be a sales person for a make-up company, then you will require a makeup artist qualification. If you will be promoting a product range it would be beneficial to also learn how to conduct facials and about the anatomy of the skin.

  2. Work experience

Find a company who will allow you to help give tutorials and train others about the treatment. Shadow industry leaders such as Dermalogica; they often have stalls set up at a tradeshow and they tend to travel out for training days at beauty training colleges and centres.

  3. Sales Pitch

You need to be an excellent sales person and you need to inspire your audience about the product you are selling. These skills are something you can carry with you even if you choose to move into a different industry at any point.

Confidence is key! You need to represent the company you are working for, so you need to be able to take on board any client questions and queries.

  4. Network

You need the right contacts:

  • Email beauty industry marketers. 
  • Use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 
  • Create a portfolio to provide to employers.   

Dream Career

Yes, not everyone will be able to excel with this career path. At least you know that the option is there. So use these tips to help you become the next Fashion and beauty guru. 

Say hello to the Gok Wan of Beauty!

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