Fast Tracking to Laser Treatments

by Chloe


I am a total beginner to beauty therapy. I want to fast track in a way which is the quickest possible to be able to do laser treatments. I have seen that you've written to others saying that certain rules are changing, and will soon require a level 3. I'm fine with this but just want to know the absolute quickest way. Also, do I have to complete the general advanced level 4 to be able to do the laser course? Also, I'm living up in Newcastle at the moment, I'm ok to travel, but baring in mind I can't really come more than twice a week, that's if the days are together.

Also, do you offer I-lipo courses?

I hope this makes sense!

Thank you!
Chloe x

Reply Hi Chloe

It is great news that you are interested in laser as laser is very popular and a fantastic investment to go into.

At the moment there are no requirements with our college for you to complete the level 4 laser course, however I would best recommend for you to complete the five day fast track for level 2 as this will give you great knowledge in beauty. The level 2 course will give you better understanding in regards to anatomy and physiology which is covered within waxing and facial.

Yes you are correct rules are changing and the more knowledge you have the better it is for you!

It is also beneficial if you have both level 2 and level 3 as many insurance companies require this as minimum and you will become more employable if you have these levels.

Apart from the five day fast track for level 2 and five day fast track for level 4 all our courses are held one day a week therefore you will only need to come in for one day each week. We are soon hoping to offer a fast track course for level 3 but as for now our level 3 is running for 20 weeks in total.

Unfortunately we do not offer any lipo courses.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me on 020 8561 5044 and I will be more than happy to help.

Beaulaz admin

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