Fast Track NVQ level 2

Hi I am looking to do the fast track beauty therapy course however can only do evenings or weekends. Is this a possibility? If so can you tell me the cost s and how long this would take to finish.

Reply Dear Sonia,

Studying a Level 2 qualification can benefit and prepare you for the most popular salon treatments such as facials, waxing and manicures. You have expressed interest in the fast track option. We normally recommend this course for those candidates who have past experience conducting these treatments.

If this will be the first time you will have come across these treatments this does not exclude you from a fast track route, yet you may still find it very intensive. The course can also benefit those who are short of time and would like to get their qualification fast so that they can then enter paid employment positions.

Currently in Birmingham we are holding a weekend class for NVQ Level 2 beauty. This course runs over 16 weeks in total. However it is only scheduled on just a Saturday. This therefore means that the course technically runs for 16 days.
As mentioned before the course can be very intensive, you are required to revise theory at home and go through hand-outs in your spare time. In order to encourage this we set assignments which require you to study through your theory notes. Although the course is spread across a shorter amount of time it is still thorough and covers all aspects of the treatments.

You are given ample opportunity to practice the treatments on both your peers and also onto paid clientele. This helps to build your confidence and prepare you directly for a working environment. Should you feel you need more experience conducting procedures you can opt to attend our extra assessment dates; and therefore complete your assessments on a later date.

Beaulaz can be flexible in this manner. All tutors can be contacted via email outside of the classroom time, they are happy to help students complete their assignments.

So currently the NVQ Level 2 is running every Saturday from 10am – 4pm in our Birmingham branch.
In Regards to the fees please find the details below:

Course Fee: £1800
Qualification Fee: £66
VTCT Registration Fee: £16
Total: £1882

I hope that this has been helpful, feel free to contact us for more information.

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