Fast Track Laser Course Student studying pharmaceutical science at university

by neelum
(birmingham, uk)

Hi, i have read through your profile and understand where you are coming from as a specialist you take on students that are familiar with the insights of what laser hair removal can be about, as understanding skin and its features is essential.

However, i was wondering if you would take on a degree student who has studied a lot into science?

Reply Hi Neelum

You really need to do your research with beauty insurance companies.

Contact insurance companies and see if they would cover you for insurance. I understand you want to do a fast-track three-day course instead of doing the 4 ten to twelve-week course. You can do a fast-track course.

If you get insurance we can give you the three-day fast-track course core knowledge and two-day hair removal training, it's not an issue. But again, you just need to find out if the insurance companies will cover you.

My personal opinion is if you've got biology A-level, you're a qualified pharmacist, you've got enough A&P, I think you probably would want to do the level 4 qualification because it's more in-depth.

Fast-track is very fast-track so it's two-and-a-half-day training, you're looking at core knowledge, very delivered on laser and the last day is practical and that's it and then you have to go away.

Again, we're happy to accommodate any student what with their requirements but we do say, do find out from insurance companies what they want you to have and find out from your local authority what they would like you to have as well.


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