NVQ in Facials Beauty Qualification

by Simran


All i need is a nvq in facials, I don't want to learn anything else. Would this be possible?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


Reply Hi Simran

I understand you just want to do NVQ in facials, and you want to know if that’s possible. Yes, that’s possible. You can just do the unit of the facial services for the level 2, and that’s the only qualification you will gain.

Normally the course we have is for about 3-4 weeks. The facial course will be starting in November. If you’re interested, please forward me your email address and I can send some details over.

Thank you.

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IPL Laser qualification by 2016 No Beauty Background Training

by Helen

Hi. I have just had a read through about your courses in order to gain the necessary IPL qualification by 2016. I do not have a "beauty" background however I had training in order to start up my own business carrying out IPL and laser lipo.

I have been doing this for 16 months and I would be looking at doing the level 4 course next year sometime when I can afford it and also when I have more than 2 years experience. I wonder if it would be worth me having a chat with the tutor to ensure that I wouldn't have any problems enrolling.

Please could you advise me. Just to be clear I have prior to this business never worked in any aspect of the beauty industry but have had training to carry out hair removal using IPL and am insured to do so.

I am just concerned that if the industry becomes regulated again that I would be closed down and so I would like to ensure I am qualified accordingly.

Thank you!

Reply Hi Helen

I understand you would like to speak to the course tutor. Please do give us a call back and we can actually arrange for you to come down for a consultation and speak to the course tutor. Currently there are no pre-requests to do a NVQ Level 4 in Laser hair removal & IPL training, (wrote 2013) so you don't have to do a level 2, level 3 to go into level 4. But, within a couple of months it is all changing and you will need a minimum level 3 to do a level 4 qualification.

You can keep eye on our course calender
Also, I understand you're doing IPL hair removal and laser lipo. With IPL hair removal most insurance companies will not (to be honest, no longer will) insure you if you do not have the basic beauty qualification or a medical background.

So once your insurance has expired I think you're going to have problems finding an insurance company that will insure you. They may renew it, because they only have your existing certificate, but tomorrow if there is a claim they probably wouldn't cover you because you're not qualified.

So do check with your insurance company what their requirements are and follow those guidelines because most of the beauty insurance companies that I speak to, they want you to have a full level two qualification, a full level three qualification, by 2016 they want you to have a level four qualification.

And to be honest that's how it should be done because you need to have that knowledge in place. You know, you don't know anything about skin, you don't know anything about the bones, the A&P, anatomy and physiology, so you are missing quite big gaps.

To be honest the reason why they've changed it is because there've been such high numbers of claims. For example BABTAC will not insure anyone who has at least a level two, a level 3 in facial electrics unit or electrolysis and in 2016 a level 4.

There are other medical/beauty insurance companies that will insure you if you have a full level two qualification, such as BaleIns. That is this year but I don't know what's going to happen in six months time because I have been talking to them and they are getting stricter guidelines and they are pulling together and sooner or later it will be minimum requirement level three. And your local authorities will require you to have that as well. So if you don't have that qualification then you'll probably be stuck somewhat.

My personal advice is contact your insurance company, whoever you're insured with. Find out what the requirements are and if they're going to change. It's really important because tomorrow if you're not insured you can't operate your business so you'll be stuck, so do ring them up and find out for yourself what your insurance companies require you to do.

I understand you want to wait two years but maybe if you start doing your beauty therapy level 2 now, and then once you finish moving on to beauty level 3 maybe just the facial electrics unit and then slowly do your level 4 in laser and ipl hair removal , because you should have a beauty background to do laser or a medical background in there. So do contact your insurance company and see what they say.

We can help you with the level 2 course. Some of the students we've taken on board have actually just opened up a business and have no prior qualification and I'll be honest, they're doing level two, level three and level four and say they're coming, three days a week to make sure within twenty weeks they're qualified.

So, do check with your insurance companies, because it's up to them, and check with your local council special treatment licence dept if anything's changed, so it's up to you to keep up with the requirements.

But bear in mind the insurance companies will renew your insurance, but get something off them in writing that they're happy to do so because if you don't have anything in writing from them tomorrow you have an insurance claim put through because you've accidentally burnt someone, or something, God forbid, happens and you try to get a claim, they do check all your qualifications, they'll pull out all your certificates and have a look at what you've got. And anything that's missing they'll find something not to pay out on, or even to cover you. So be careful, I do suggest, do have a look at what you've got.

If you've got therapists working for you that have a level 3 qualification that's brilliant and that is for you, maybe who just stopped managing the business and just helping out when you need to but, have a look, and speak to your insurance company.

Wow that was a long email :)


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I Want To Do An NVQ Level 4 in Laser & IPL Training But Where?

by Donella
(Harrow Middx)

I am interested in starting a course in Ipl and laser treatment. I have not previous qualifications in the beauty business but looking to start somewhere.

I am an older student and am looking to change my career.

Reply Hi Donella

My advice is if you’re looking to change your career and you’d like to open your own business is first start with the full NVQ level 2 qualification, which will cover all the waxing, facial, Anatomy & Physiology, manicure-pedicure, eye treatments, makeup.

Basically, that’s your basics so to speak.

That’s your base that you would start off on, and then move on to the level 4 qualification, where you will be able to learn the laser and IPL hair removal and skin rejuvenation, thread veins, blood spot removal, etc.

Those are the 2 main courses that you should be doing, and then you should be able to get insurance with Babtac or Balens insurance company is quite good as well.
Both insurance companies will insure you for IPl laser as long as you have a basic level 2 and a level 4 qualification.

I am not sure from your email if you’re interested in opening your own business. You may be interested in going towards the beauty salon franchise market, because we offer a franchise opportunity with our sister company CoLazfranchise.

It is a management type of franchise model and you’d be managing staff which may be of interest to you.

I hope I have answered your question


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NVQ Beauty Therapy Course Starting With Nothing!

by Lisa

Hi there,

I currently have no beauty qualifications but would like to learn to perform Ipl hair removal and waxing etc to do from my home in the evenings with a view to growing it into a business full time eventually.

Obviously I would like to train as quickly as possibly but around my current job in order to keep an income. What would be my best option?

Reply Hi Lisa

I understand you have no beauty qualifications, and you would like to learn IPL, waxing etc.

You are interested in doing fast track courses, if you do have previous practical experience which you can demonstrate to the tutor; then you can qualify for a fast track course where you learn the theory side of things.

We currently offer a level 2 course which runs for 16 weeks and a level 3 qualification which would last 20 weeks. From this point you can then go on to learn the IPL hair removal course, which runs for 12 weeks.

We do have some students who combine all three courses together in order to fast track it. This is possible because the courses run on separate days, so for example Level 2 courses run on Fridays, Level 4 courses run on Saturday and Wednesdays, and the Level 3 course runs on the Monday.

So in this case you will finish your qualification within 23 – 26 weeks.

Do bear in mind that this is a very intense course, which requires you to study the material at home and in your own time. Your time spent in the classes touches on the theory and covers practical.

You will also have to keep up with assessments and assignments throughout.

The course tutor is very helpful; she offers her support and will sit with you and find out your requirements throughout the course.

The best thing for you to do would be to come in for a consultation, speak one on one with the tutor, and then we can see what flexible learning plan we can implement for you.

I hope this helps


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