Esthetician School Is Your Stepping Stone
to An Exciting New Career

Beauty therapy is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. In the UK, the beauty and dermatology markets are booming more than ever, in spite of the economic slump some other industries are facing.

With your esthetician school training from Beaulaz, you can begin a new career in one of these exciting, flourishing sub-industries.

Learn to help people look and feel better while advancing your personal experience, improving your job opportunities, or even opening your own business.

Millions of People in the UK Need Your Services
With esthetician training from Beaulaz, not only can you improve your career prospects, but you can also feel good about the work you’re doing.

So many people suffer from wrinkled and dull skin, embarrassing blemishes, achy necks and backs, and overgrown body and facial hair.

Begin courses with us and learn numerous different techniques to solve your client’s every problem. Discover the arts of:

  • Advanced skin care
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Electric cosmetic facials
  • IPL laser treatment
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Blemish removal
  • Laser hair removal
  • Permanent makeup
  • Massage therapy

Ensure Your Success With Esthetician School

Recent articles in UK papers and magazines confirm the growing trend in the esthetician and beauty dermatology fields. “The skincare market has experienced 5.7 per cent growth between 2006 and 2011 and is now estimated to be worth £2,203 million,” says one publication.

More than ever, “…People are seeking affordable, accessible, accredited clinics for skin care treatment,” says another.

It’s clear that with beauty training courses from Beaulaz, your future is bright. Beauty therapist training is only gaining popularity, and we want you to be able to start the job of your dreams with qualifications by Beaulaz.

Esthetician school can be the jump start you need to work in any of these fast-paced environments:

  • Health and beauty spas
  • Laser hair removal salons
  • Hotel and leisure clubs
  • Airport lounges
  • Cruise liners

You can even use your knowledge to start your own business, work from home or on the go, or to train and teach other people. The skills and knowledge you learn at Beaulaz will be versatile, applicable, and relevant anywhere you choose to take them.

Help people who suffer from skin care ailments and beauty concerns by performing fulfilling and profitable salon services. Further your career in an industry that will keep growing, with room for your success. Start today with esthetician school training courses from Beaulaz.

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