Career Options after Beaulaz

At Beaulaz we help you in 3 Ways to advance in your career after you graduate.

Colaz Career Opportunities

1. Work as an Aesthetician at a Colaz Salon

If you are looking for a job, we encourage you to apply to our Colaz Beauty Specialist salons. We own six branches in and about London, and we're always looking for talented beauticians and laser hair removal technicians. We give the first preference to Beaulaz when we have an opening. So we encourage you to submit an employment application for occupational therapy jobs as soon as you complete your courses.

Colaz Franchise

2. Own a Colaz Franchise

If you dream of running your own salon, but are worried about the uncertainty of starting from scratch, you should seriously consider a Colaz Franchise. Owning a profitable salon gets a lot easier when you can take advantage of the Colaz business model. You get brand recognition, systemised salon administration, and marketing that will get you a steady stream of clients. Owning a Colaz Franchise can bring you financial success and the flexibility of being your own boss without the risks of starting out on your own as a beauty therapist.

Beauty therapy jobs

3. Get the Job You Want with Great Resume and Job Interview Tips

You'll need to make a good first impression when seeking beauty therapy jobs. We've hired hundreds of therapists for our own Colaz salons, and we've put that experience to work helping you. We'll teach you how to create a professional resume written especially for the beauty industry.

What more? You'll get valuable tips on what potential employers are looking for in that crucial first interview. You'll put your best foot forward for potential employers so can get to the beauty jobs and careers that you want.

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