An Electrotherapy Cosmetic Facial Treatment Course
Can Supercharge Your Career

The market for cosmetic electrotherapy has soared in the past few years, though the term was invented in the late 19th century.  

It once referred to any use of low electric currents to improve the appearance of various areas of the body. However, electrotherapy cosmetic facials are a unique treatment that have been researched and accepted in the rehabilitation and beauty fields within the past decade.

You can learn this new exciting procedure in Beaulaz NVQ beauty courses and rest assured that finishing an electrotherapy cosmetic facial treatment course will add a unique advantage to your resume and salon.

What You Can Look Forward To

Too many women feel like there is no other choice than to endure day after day of seeing a reflection that looks older than she feels. Dry, dull, flat skin can diminish natural beauty that may be lying right underneath the surface.

You can be the one to help thousands of people get their youthful glow back by learning electrotherapy cosmetic facial procedures at Beaulaz.

Poor diet, lack of exercise, age, lifestyle choices like smoking, and of course skin care neglect can all lead to a less than perfect complexion. Skin brighteners provide a temporary relief (until you wash them off), but jar after jar can be expensive.

By offering electrotherapy cosmetic facials in your salon and spa, you can advise thousands of women in proper skin care routines and provide life-changing treatments.

What Will I Be Doing?

Electrotherapy involves stimulating dead, dry, and dull skin with low electric currents. These painless currents recharge and revitalize cells, blood vessels, and tissue that might have lost their luster over time. The result is vascular and lymphatic drainage that immediately improves all complexions and can even allow excess facial fat to be dispersed and eliminated.

The process you will learn in Beaulaz courses includes:

  • Proper and effective use of a high-frequency unit, vacuum suction, and micro-current unit
  • Skin preparation: cleansing and exfoliation
  • Direct and indirect application methods

These tools and techniques will all contribute to a happy client who sees:

  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles
  • Awakened skin
  • Rosier color due to improved circulation
  • Hydrated dewiness
  • Relaxed features

And as a beauty therapy student, you will quickly learn that happy clients are the ones who keep returning for your expert treatment—and pay well for better-than-expected results.

BeauLaz Is All You Need

Electrotherapy cosmetic facials are not offered just anywhere due to the expertise it takes to safely and effectively conduct one. You can be one of the elite few technicians who are trained to administer this procedure with simple courses at Beaulaz.

Providing services that no other salon in your area offers is the fast track to a huge client base—and return customers who can’t wait to tell their friends and family about the great new facial they had.

Help people everywhere safely rejuvenate their tired skin by providing electrotherapy cosmetic facials. You can feel great about your work while making significant earnings for yourself and your salon, and one call to Beaulaz is all it takes. Get started today and contact Beaulaz for more information on classes and schedules.

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