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When it Comes to the Best Laser Hair Removal Machine, We Turn to Syneron Candela for Their Superior Training, Aftercare Service, and Marketing Support

As a salon owner, one of the most difficult but important decisions you make is the purchase of your laser hair removal and skin care machines. Make a poor choice here and your salon will suffer lost clients and lower profits.

So you research manufacturers both domestic and offshore, looking for the best laser hair removal machine you can find. You look for quality laser technology and training but worry about pricing. You might be tempted to cut out the middleman and buy directly from China or the Far East. But then you wonder who will service your laser machines if they break down. 

Let us help you cut through the confusion. We have a recommendation for you that will save you time and get your salon the most from your laser hair removal and skin care machines. 

We have been purchasing equipment for our four Colaz salons and three Beaulaz Laser Hair Removal Training Centers since 2005. We have researched, compared, and actually used many different kinds of lasers. Some hair removal machines have been good and some not so good. 

In all of our experience, the Syneron Candela has proven the foremost laser hair removal machine you can buy in the UK. Currently we own two Candela lasers in each of our four salons and one at our training center. And we recommend Syneron Candela to our Colaz Franchisees. 

Here’s why we own nine Candela laser hair removal machines and why we so highly recommend Candela for an enjoyable, profitable experience for you and your clients.

Candela Laser Machines

Quality Laser Machines Come with First-Rate Aftercare Service to Keep Your Salon Running 

We feel that aftercare service with 24/7 technical support is critical to your success in laser hair removal and skin care services. In over a decade offering laser treatments, we have seen many distributors come and go. We know it’s easy to buy a laser machine where the seller shakes your hand and says thank you for your business. But, after it’s too late, you find out that his aftercare service is non-existent.

We have been in situations where one of our therapists calls us on a Saturday evening to let us know that the laser has broken down and the appointments for Sunday are back to back.  Candela was there for us with an engineer, even on a Sunday morning. We didn't need to cancel our clients’ appointments, we didn't lose out on a penny of incoming money, and our therapists did not face upset clients.

Candela really delivers when it comes to fast, expert service for your laser machines.

Make the Most of Your Laser Machines with Expert Training

We look at the training offered by Syneron Candela as a profit making resource for us. Not only will your therapists run the lasers safely and efficiently, they’ll learn to take advantage of all the treatments the laser machine is capable of performing. This practical, hands-on training means you can offer more services for more clients. And the training is at your salon. After we recently purchased the Candela GentleYag Pro-U laser, Candela immediately sent an expert to us to go through the training on site. 

Candela also provides training workshops throughout London and Webinars that are easy to attend in your salon. And they’ve just announced two permanent training facilities in London. Both are state of the art, designed to give existing clients a chance to keep up to date with the latest laser protocols and products. One is the Revere Clinic and Training Centre in North London and the other is at 102 Harley Street in Central London. 

Syneron Candela said about these new training facilities, “When you buy one of our devices, we offer a standard training package to help you incorporate the machine into your clinic and get started. These facilities give us the ideal training opportunities to be able to offer you advanced workshops as we appreciate the importance of updated treatment protocols. We are going to continue to offer training with all of our new purchases.” 

It’s probably the most comprehensive laser training available from any manufacturer in the UK. 

Candela Marketing Support

Marketing Support for Their Quality Lasers Gets Clients into Your Clinic

Syneron Candela’s marketing philosophy “…is to ultimately drive consumers through your clinic’s front doors and we believe marketing direct to consumers is the key way to achieve this.” They even have a PR firm securing coverage in leading glossy magazines and national newspapers. This press coverage links to clinic-finders where consumers can search for the nearest clinic with a Syneron Candela laser machine and book an appointment. 

You’ll also get marketing strategies for your website, emailers, offers, social media, and posters for your clinic. And our Colaz salons have a listing on their website for leads. 

(By the way, Syneron Candela won the 2013 Aesthetic Awards Best Consumer Campaign for their Gentle Laser “No Shades Barred” campaign highlighting their laser’s effectiveness on all skin types.)

They even have waiting room movies for your clients to view to get more comfortable with their treatments. Webinars on growing your business with new technology and treatments help you keep up with new moneymaking profit centers such as fat cell destruction and skin resurfacing. Current workshops include Smart Ideas, Proven Business Strategies, and Marketing Strategies. 

We have been very happy as a member of their team with many of our clients coming to us having already heard of the Syneron Candela brand. This certainly helps our marketing efforts in getting new clients!

We Just Purchased the GentleYag Pro-U Laser Hair Removal Machine

GentleYag Pro-U Laser Hair Removal Machine

As it happened recently, we were the first salon in the UK to purchase Candela’s new GentleYag Pro-U laser and we were very impressed with its speed and efficiency. It has a new 20/22/24 mm Large Spot Delivery System that makes it the fastest dual wavelength hair removal laser on the market. 

It has a handpiece that can do a full back laser in just 15 minutes compared with our old machine that took at least 20 minutes. This has definitely allowed us to fit more clients into our schedule plus the results are much better now with the new laser machine.

Our new GentleYag Pro-U laser is perfect for hair removal and works beautifully for the treatment of spider veins, telangiectasia and telangiectatic matting on the face and legs. 

GentleYag Pro-U Features

  • Intuitive Touch Screen, Smart User Interface with Guided Modem
  • Energy Output Versatility: pulse widths and treatment spot sizes
  • Patented DCD™ Cooling
  • Ergonomic Handpiece
  • Wide variety of treatment spot sizes

Contact Syneron Candela

As you can see, we are excited about the Syneron Candela machines. Our GentleYag Pro-U is just one of their many fine lasers. We invite you to speak with their representative today to help you pick the right laser machine for your salon. Just complete the short form below and they will get back to you. 

And please let us know about your experience. We want you to profit the same way we have with our premium Syneron Candela lasers

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