Can I Get Treatment Insurance After the BLMA Laser Hair Removal Training Course

by Katie

Hi, I have read this page and I am a bit confused. Can I get insurance if I pass this BLMA laser hair removal training course. I have no other qualification in the beauty industry and I want to open my business to do laser hair removal on the public

Reply Hi, Katie

The rules with regards to insurance to perform ipl or laser hair removal have just been changed by BABTAC the main insurers of therapist performing laser hair removal (March 2013)

Now in order to carry out laser hair removal or IPL on clients you need a minimum of NVQ level 2 in Beauty Therapy with an electric facial or NVQ level 3 in Beauty therapy unless you are a doctor or nurse where you don’t need this qualification.

Other insurance companies may have their own set minimum requirements but we found BABTAC to be the most lenient when it comes to treatment insurance.

Also by the year 2016 it would be compulsory to have an NVQ level 4 in laser and IPL certificate to perform laser hair removal. Before then it is not.

Right now (2013) an NVQ level 4 in laser hair removal is not a requirement for insurance but by the year 2016 you will require this qualification to obtain treatment insurance.

So to break it down if you don’t have a NVQ level 2 or 3 you cannot get insurance. Also you can’t skip and do a Level 4 NVQ in laser and IPL without first studying NVQ level 2 & 3 in Beauty Therapy.

The insurance companies are cracking down on minimum requirements because they have been inundated with claims.

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Apr 30, 2014
Level 4 NVQ
by: Anonymous

Hi I have a level 4 NVQ and the core knowledge in addition to advanced skin training. I am a Pharmacist by profession. My question is can I get insured?

May 05, 2013
3 day short laser course
by: jazmin Ganni

Hello, if I completed the 3 day short laser course and buy the equipment can i work from home on family and friends?

Reply Hi Jazmin

I understand you want to do the three-day short laser course and buy equipment and start doing treatments from home. Firstly, you can easily do the three-day course, purchase equipment and start up at home.

Now, what it all depends on is if you want to get insurance, and if your local council requires registration of you carrying out laser treatments because certain areas you work in will require you to have a license to do laser hair removal. But again there are certain councils that will not require any license for you to do laser hair removal.

But I can tell you this much, there is not an insurance company that will insure you if you only have a three-day laser training and you do not have any prior qualifications such as the level 2 in beauty and NVQ level 3 in beauty. Some will insure you on the fact that you have an NVQ 2 in beauty and you have the three day training.

They will be more than happy to insure you. Or if you're medically trained such as a nurse and doctor, you'll be able to obtain insurance and you can treat from home.

So I don't know what prior qualifications you have, what background you have, but in this kind of field it's a high-risk field.

You should have your minimum qualification which is a level 2 in beauty, a level 3 in beauty and then you do your three-day laser training course, so I would personally recommend that this course is not suitable for anyone that does not have any prior qualifications in beauty or any medical qualifications. You do need to have the basic beauty qualifications in order to carry out laser.

Again, certain councils, for example the Hounslow council in Middlesex area, they require you to have a full level 2 to 3 qualification and then have your core of knowledge and then the two-day training on top of that, and they actually require you to have that training every two years. So it all depends on the counsels and your insurance companies that you're looking to insure with.


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