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If you are serious about opening your own salon, one that brings you financial success and the freedom to be your own boss…then this will be one of the most important messages you will ever read.

You probably already know that beauty is easily one of the hottest industries in the UK. That’s because no matter what the state of the economy, people will always want to look and feel good.

A survey of beauty professionals found industry confidence in the UK high. 43% of those surveyed were more optimistic than the year before. Now is definitely the time to take advantage of the lucrative beauty and hair removal business.

But the market for beauty salons is also very competitive. And the stark reality, according to the Federation of Small Business (FSB), in this post in Businesszone, is that out of 400,000 new businesses set up in the UK in 2012, 20% failed in the first year and 50% won’t be around by 2015.

The author of the post, FSB’s Colin Willman, says that one of the key factors for business failure in the UK is a flawed business plan. As he says, "…fail to prepare, prepare to fail." He goes on to say, "A business plan provides structure in the early stages of the business."

Without a business plan, you can’t raise capital and you don’t have a road map to grow your business. But how do you go about creating a business plan that really works?

You don’t have to worry, we have your back. Not only do we offer the best beauty, skin care, and laser hair removal training in Britain, but we want to help you succeed after you’ve earned your qualifications and are ready to go out on your own.

That’s why we've published The Beaulaz Blueprint for a Winning Salon Business Plan. Now you can beat the odds and practically guarantee success with your new beauty salon and hair removal business. And you can get the Blueprint free, just by subscribing to our newsletter email.

In the Beaulaz Blueprint for a Winning Salon Business Plan, you'll learn what goes into a comprehensive plan, including:

- History/Personal Story/Brand Story
- Mission Statement/Unique Value Proposition
- Organization Chart/Management Systems
- Internal Assumptions
- External Assumptions
- Revenue Growth/Marketing
- Financial Management/Budgeting

The thing is, to be happy and fulfilled in your new business and still make enough money doing it you need to take charge of every facet of the salon. From your physical facilities to your laser equipment, from employees to customer service, you are responsible for it all.

So, subscribe to our newsletter email today and get the Beaulaz Blueprint for a Salon Business Plan that Works to help you make the right decisions that will assure success in your new career as an owner in the wonderful laser hair removal and beauty salon business.

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