Experts’ Advice on How to Build Your Career in the Beauty Industry

Every qualified beautician has a different experience once they've stepped out into the beauty industry. Once you have finally achieved a qualification you need to push yourself to make the most of it. Whether you go on to become a salon owner, mobile therapist or work for someone else there are a number of traits that you will need to build on.

Here’s some advice of what you really have to do to make it in the beauty world:

Expert advice on beauty career

Accept that your training is not over

Your business will expand, the clients demand will change and you have to keep on training yourself to keep up with the growing market. Beauty is changing rapidly and constantly. New products are launched, new brands take over the scene and new techniques are applied to old treatments. 

Therefore a therapist must always make sure she is ready to train and learn new skills. It is an exciting experience and you don’t always have to dish out thousands of pounds to gain your certificate. 

  • Eyebrows

You may argue that there is no necessity for change. But even a simple trade such as eyebrow threading has more things to offer today. HD brows are being talked about by everyone, if you still want to be the number one choice of eyebrow parlour you have to make sure you are offering this too.

  • Nails

Regular manicures and pedicures have been overtaken by the application of false nails. Acrylic and gel nails have become increasingly popular. There are now a variety of nail polishes that someone can apply, bio-sculpture, shellac, Jessica nails. No matter which beauty services you choose to specialise in or offer you need to be able to meet the demands of your consumer audience. 

  • Hair removal

The demand for waxing services has been overhauled by laser hair removal as it can promise a long term permanent reduction, making the treatment more worthwhile. Many laser machines are entering the market meaning that technology such as IPL is outdated and cannot offer the same results as an actual laser machine such as Alexandrite or ND YAG.

This now requires you to gain an Level 4 in Laser and IPL. Once you are qualified you can see which machine is the most affordable and appropriate for your company. 

  • Newly qualified

For those of you who have newly achieved your beauty qualification, you want to make sure that you are more employable than your competition. You want to be able to offer something unique that other therapists can’t. 

A real life example of this would be with an ex Colaz employee; Noemi. While working for Colaz she became qualified to do permanent make-up. Telling her employer benefited them both. She was able to get free marketing via her company, her salary increased and the salon started to bring in fresh new clients.  

Accept that you need experience 

Once you take a step out of college you won't just fall into that dream job. You need to keep on trying. Many salons want to employ therapists who have a few years' experience. You will find that even your clients want to be aware of how long you have been working as a beauty therapist. 

  • Approach prospective employers and ask for work experience for a short period of time, or perhaps state that they can offer treatments conducted by you for a cheaper price. You may have seen this in a hairdresser; if you allow a trainee to do your haircut you can bargain some much cheaper prices. 

  • When training if you attend a good college they will allow you the chance to practice treatments on your peers and models. Some colleges allow you to work within their student-run salons; you will get several clients scheduled in with you which will help you get a real feel of the salon environment. 

  • No doubt it is a satisfying industry to get into and you need to keep on practicing your skills so that your clients can recommend you to their peers. Offering to do treatments like massages on close friends, and family members at home will help you to build up your portfolio too. This industry thrives on word of mouth, so you have to get the message out there that you are one of the best therapists.

  • Sometimes things that you found exciting while you were learning may not appeal to you no more. You may have dreamt of working in a professional spa. But all the wrist aches from the constant flow of massage clients may make you rethink your beauty choice of career. Something such as bridal and party make-up may appeal to you more or perhaps something more advanced like Botox treatments. 

  • When working for a top salon you can do a variety of treatments. Cosmetic fat loss treatments do not take much man power as the machine takes on most of the work, but your expert care and assistant is what makes you seem important to the client. It is rewarding when you are able to communicate with clients from all different backgrounds.  So you need the required training and experience. 

  • Get yourself out there, even if it means that for periods of time you are doing unpaid work. What you will always find is that a client will ask you how long you have been conducting a treatment for? You need to be able to show them that although you're new you are the best at the treatment. Yes it's frightening to first conduct a treatment. With waxing you worry about burning the client, taking off skin with their hair making it to painful. But practice makes perfect. 

Don't panic too much, not every salon has the same requirements. Some employers are happy to let you train on the job and build experience with them. Show them all your skills you have learnt from college and build your confidence.

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