Start Your Own Laser & Beauty Salon

Do you want to start your OWN business?

After you get certified with Beaulaz you can start an advanced beauty clinic with our sister company Colaz.

Watch the video below to find out more!

If you do work with us consider the graph below
The grey bars represent your chances if you were to try to start a business totally on your own from
scratch. (Based on entrepreneur standards for 2000-2010.)

The Blue represent your chances of succeeding with a well established franchise like Colaz. Pretty dramatic right? By working together, the road will be easier and our success will be grander.

Business Start Day By Yourself Partnered with Us
Surviving Year 1 10% 90%
Surviving to Year 5 5% 70%
Breaking £100K in revenues 3% 85%

To find out more about a CoLaz franchise opportunity here or complete the form below to request more details.

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