Your Beauty Parlour Course Questions Answered

Since we’ve started our successful beauty parlour course, we’ve been flooded with questions from potential students about all manner of different aspects of the course. We try to answer all of them, but we’ve decided to put together this page to answer some of the more common questions we are asked, just to save you the time of having to write us an email (although we’re always happy to hear from you). So, take a look below: we hope that your questions will be answered…

Beauty Parlour CourseManroop Beaulaz Owner

What Are Your Beauty Parlour Course Fees?

We pride ourselves in the fact that our course fees are exceedingly reasonable, especially considering the fact that we think we offer some of the best training in the area, and even further afield.

We have two different types of courses available to you. The first one entails you attending once a week and costs a total of £1,500. This course will take 16 weeks to complete. The second option is an intensive 5 day course, which costs £1,250 in total – we recommend this course for those with less experience. Regardless of the course you choose, you will still receive the same NVQ Level 2 certificate once you finish.

Please don't worry if you can't afford the full course fee, as we are flexible. As long as you can afford a 25% deposit, we will be able to reserve your place on our next course.

What Can I Do With a Beauty Parlour Course Certificate?

An NVQ Level 2 Beauty Parlour Course certificate from us can open up a huge number of different doors to anyone possessing one. Perhaps the best use of the certificate though is enabling you to gain the skills needed to open your very own beauty parlour - and more importantly to make this beauty parlour work as well as possible.

Of course, if you still want to gain more experience, you could use the course certificate to get yourself a job within a beauty parlour in your area. Finally, you could even take your studies further and go on to study other beauty courses at a higher level. Whatever you choose, our NVQ Level 2 Beauty Parlour Course will provide a solid grounding.

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My English is Poor - Can I Still Attend?

Our training site is located in the middle of an extremely diverse area of the country, meaning that we have many pupils from different backgrounds, some of whom do not speak English fluently. In order to help some of these students, we have employed a tutor who is fluent in Hindi - this is because many of our students come from an Indian background. If you speak a language other than English or Hindi, we will do our very best to adapt our teaching to suit your requirements.

Of course, once you move into the professional world of beauty parlours, having a good grasp of English will undoubtedly be an advantage. That is why we recommend that all students without a good grasp of English make an effort to learn the language.

How Does the Learning Happen?

We are fortunate enough to have a salon on site, which means that all of our pupils get to practice on real life customers. While this might be nerve-wracking, we find that it is the best way to learn quickly! It also means that you can begin to learn how the dynamics of a beauty parlour actually work, therefore preparing you for your future career as a beautician.

beauty parlour course at beaulazStudents Practicing at Beaulaz

Of-course, throughout your learning, you will be mentored by a tutor to ensure that your customers still get a high quality of service. Aside from practical learning, you will be taught some subjects in the classroom, to give you the all-round knowledge that you need.

Hopefully the above Q+As have answered some of your questions about the beauty parlour course offered by us here at Beaulaz. We know that we provide the best training in the area, and once you've completed our course you'll definitely share the same opinion! To find out more, please don't hesitate to contact us using our Contact Us page.

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