4 Beauty Jobs with High Demand at Present

Laser Hair removal technicians

There are several salons that are starting to invest in laser hair removal and IPL machines. People would rather spend less time removing hair and would like to invest in more leisurely activities. The only method of hair removal which avoids tedious activities like shaving and waxing is laser hair removal. Many individuals would rather invest £100 in a course of laser treatments as opposed to a one off Full body wax where the hairs will return just the same in 4 weeks’ time. 

Salon owners are completely aware of this current trend so are seeking out suitable technicians who have the right qualifications. When a salon introduces laser hair removal procedures they must also begin to consider insurance laws and local council guidelines. 

The UK Insurance Law is set to change in 2016; all therapists must have obtained a Level 2, 3 and 4 in order to be able to conduct laser treatments. Those who have these qualifications are more employable than others who do not. 

Beauty Jobs with High Demand

Make-up artists

At weddings, parties and corporate events everyone wants to steal the show. It is important that they have the right artist working their magic on the face. Make-up artists are also needed within the Fashion and Media world.  

Asian bridal artists can offer henna painting alongside hair and make-up. This allows the prospective brides to consider you more convenient.

People are willing to invest a lot of money into having the perfect artist booked for event dates, and you can also try to tailor your skills so that even celebrities will invest in your services.

Therapist with the skill of: Eyebrow threading

In the UK majority of people who can do eyebrow threading are from India. You can also learn the trade and can charge around £25 just for eyebrows in some areas of the UK. 

With new eyebrow shaping techniques such as HD brows appearing on the market, women are starting to notice the difference that eyebrows can make to the face. Therefore, learn an inexpensive trade and take in several clients from the high street. 

Eyebrow threading takes around 5 minutes to do, and salons can become filled up with several clients waiting for their turn. If you have a permit to work in the UK or are a national, then get this treatment up your sleeve because salon owners would do anything to bring in new clients through their doors.

Therapist with the skill of: Chemical peels

Many people offer the treatment within their own homes, chemical peels are more effective than a regular facial when looking to reduce wrinkles and treat acne breakouts. Many people have blemishes such as pigmentation marks on the skin and being able to conduct chemical peels is a skill which is not normally taught within state colleges.

Chemical peels can also be conducted by nurses and doctors who want to take off even more layers of skin. Chemical peels have the chance to completely re-vamp the face. Yet they must be done by professionals as at home products when used without supervision may cause more damage than improvements. 

Salon owners want to show clients they can have real results so they need to employ therapists who can conduct the more advanced treatments.

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