Discover How to Earn More and Work Less In the Beauty Business with my Free e-Course

The FREE beauty business course will teach you new ways to run your business or if you are going into business then this course will show you how to systemize your business allowing you to work ON your business rather than IN your business.

Manroop, the owner of Beaulaz

My family and friends are always asking me where I find the time to run a beauty college, look after four laser hair removal clinics, do the school runs, feed the kids, drop kids off at karate, manage 30 staff and still have time for my husband. : )

There is only one of me, so how do I do it?

colaz branches

It’s actually quite easy once you know how.
If you sign up for my e-course below, I will teach you new ways to:

  • Automate your beauty business and free up more time
  • Speak more directly to your current and potential clients
  • Offer value to your clients and thereby create more revenue
  • Create more natural and convenient systems for your clients
  • Branch out and acquire more certifications in the cosmetic industry

You know the old saying; a business is only a business if it can operate without you. The problem with 99% of existing businesses is that the owners don’t know how to do it. They perform almost all of the necessary tasks and spend most of their time running the business.

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This often leaves them with little free time to spend with friends and family and feeling overwhelmed. They don’t realise the importance of hiring the right people to assist them.

Beaulaz staff

I will show you a glimpse into my business world and how I manage to get everything done in a day and still have time to go on holidays with my family knowing my business is running smoothly without me.

When you sign up for the course, I will send you one email per week that will introduce a new innovation. I will then send a follow-up email with ideas on how to implement innovation in your beauty business.

You can opt out of these emails by clicking on the unsubscribe link, and you are always welcome to send me feedback.

I hope you enjoy the course! : )

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