Achieve Your Desired Career Goals by Applying For a Laser Hair Removal or Beautician Course at Beaulaz

How to Apply for a Beautician Course

The best way to apply for a laser or beautician course is to try and make contact with the tutor direct. 

If that means leaving a message with the receptionist or completing an online enquiry form your goal really is to try and have a one to one meeting or discussion with the actual tutor before you start any course.

The reason why is because whilst researching, I noticed some beauty schools offer options to pay for beautician courses online. But are they really the right course for you?

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Whatever you do I highly recommend before enrolling with any beauty college is to visit the training centre where you will study, check out the place, and arrange a one-on-one consultation with the tutor.

After all, it’s your future career on the line and you want to ensure you make the right decision.

Real-Life Enrolment Scenarios

The following are two great examples that reveal why it is important not to pay for a course until you have met for a consultation and spoken with the tutors of any potential beauty school.

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Example 1

A mature student called us to enquire about Qualifi level 2 and 3 beautician course

Because she wanted to own her own beauty salon business rather than work for someone else. She was really motivated to open her own beauty salon within a year.

She had researched other private and government beauty colleges and discovered that most required years to graduate and some of them did not specialise in highly profitable treatments such as laser/IPL /electrolysis and advanced electrolysis.

She also found it difficult to arrange a one-on-one consultation with some of the colleges let alone with the actual tutor.

Hence, she contacted us and we asked her to visit the college for a chat with the tutor.  Based on her circumstances of wanting to manage her own beauty salon business and specialise in laser hair removal and electrolysis, we advised her to enrol directly in the Qualifi Level 4 in Laser and IPL training.

What we recommended

We also recommended that she take a one- or two-day in-house course on facial and waxing to ensure she understood skin types, hair types, etc. This would enable her to open her own beauty salon business within a few months instead of a few years.

She was pleasantly surprised that she could get qualified within such a short period. She assumed she would have to take Qualifi Level 2, 3, and 4 beautician courses to open her own salon. Instead, she completed the course in 17 weeks and is now actively looking for premises to open her own beauty salon!

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Example 2

The second example is of a student who came to see us and wanted to work for an employer instead of owning her own business. She only wanted to study Qualifi level 4 in Laser and IPL.

Our straightforward advice was that employers will ensure she has completed basic qualifications such as Qualifi level 2 before they decide to call her for an interview. 

Having only Qualifi level 4 qualifications is not sufficient to secure employment. I certainly would not employ anyone to perform beauty treatments at my salons unless they have completed the basic qualification in Qualifi Level 2 Beauty.

She took our advice and is currently studying for a level 2 whilst also doing an Qualifi level 4 in laser and IPL training. Within 17-26 weeks, she will be fully qualified with a much higher chance of finding employment!

I hope you can see why it is important to have a consultation with a tutor before you apply for a beauty course. 

Contact us here to request for a tutor to call you

Course Registration

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