Advanced Skin Care Training
From Beaulaz Opens Doors

When you make the decision to enroll in Level 4 Qualifi courses at Beaulaz, you’ve taken the first step toward vastly improving your own personal job market, client base, resume, and income.

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There will always be a great need for estheticians who are experts in the art of advanced skin care procedures like electrotherapy massage, microdermabrasion, and other areas of skin rejuvenation. Advanced skin care training from Beaulaz can help your career jump from ‘okay’ to ‘oh yeah!’

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Why Estheticians/Beauty Therapists Will Always Have Job Opportunities

Millions of people are embarrassed by the fact that they look much older than they feel. Consequences from habits they picked up in their youth, like smoking or sun bathing and tanning, have reared their ugly heads in the form of unsightly wrinkles, sun spots, and dry, dull skin.

As adults, men and women then become much more stressed at work and home, and carry this stress around as high blood pressure. You already know all the harms of stress that can wreck everything from regular sleep patterns to healthy skin.

But did you know that higher blood pressure also causes more than just a dangerous risk for stroke? All that quickly pumping blood deprives other organs of necessary oxygen, and skin in the largest organ!

Often the only way to repair years of severe damage is by going to a skilled esthetician to get the glow back.

Opt for a Qualifi Level 2 course to learn:

  • Deep Cleanse Facial

Option for a Qualifi Level 3 to learn:

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Electrical facials (Galvanic, Foradic, Electrical muscle stimulation, micro-current)
  • Electrical body treatments

Option for a Qualifi Level 4 to learn:

  • Laser skin rejuvenation
  • Laser skin tightening

Option for an In house course:

  • Radio Frequency
  • Chemical peels and micro-needling
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So Many Things To Do With Advanced Skin Care Training

The things you will learn in the advanced skin care training courses by Beaulaz are exactly what you need to be able to help prematurely aged people look and feel better.

Salon and spa jobs everywhere from downtown, to airports and cruise ships, to hotels, to even mobile organisations will suddenly appear right before your eyes. You can even work as an esthetician independently from home and earn all the extra income for your own company.

Beaulaz teaches everything esthetic. At the end of your training you will understand:

  • General dermatology
  • The different laser and light treatments for effective skin rejuvenation
  • The chemistry of various popular skin care product bases
  • Microdermabrasion techniques and facials
  • Health and safety procedures to keep your clients happy and looking great

Level 4 Qualifi courses with Beaulaz can help you accomplish whole new career ambitions. Your advanced skin care training will turn into better job opportunities at places that might not have even considered your resume before.

The Beaulaz course plan is one of the best and easiest ways to get a job in a calm environment, help people feel better about themselves, and earn a larger income doing it.

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